Music Therapy- A Perfect Way to Soothe Your Pain, Says Research

The musical treat works for all kinds of human beings on earth. The use of music during the surgery and after the surgery has a greater impact on the health of the patient. Music helps to provide a soothing and a peaceful environment during the time of a surgery or after the surgery. Surgeons from all over the world use the music therapy to attain peace in their minds at the time of conducting a surgery.

music therapy

Music helps to concentrate, and it eases away the pain. The patients feel the pain moving away from inside the body. The music therapy is the new medicinal innovation in the health industry. Certain doctors feel that music is an integral part of our environment and ecosystem. Thus, it has the capability of healing a body, mind and heart.

Researches in Music Therapy

A study by a group of researchers says that use of music therapy for treatment of patients with serious diseases cools downs the nerves before the operation takes place. The research also claims as reported that music helps in pre-surgery as well as after the surgery take place.

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music therapy

The research undertaken to study the body impacts of music therapy stated that different rhythm and melodies help to control the anxiety of the patients before the operation and after the operation. The use of music from different genres helped the patients greatly. The study depicts that certain kinds of music have a much potent impact on the health conditions of the patient.

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The study claims that the patients who were involved in some kind of music therapy had to face less pain with contrast to their counterparts who were not exposed to music. The medications needed by the patients exposed to the music were less, and they felt less pain at the time of surgery and also after the surgery.

music therapy

A lot of surgeons and doctors are also tuning to the perfect music such as the most comfortable numbers by Pink Floyd or Leonard Cohen. This helps the doctors and the surgeons to concentrate better during the time of a surgery or operation.

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Results of music therapy

The pain due to the excessive medication is a great concern for the doctors as well as the health expert. Trying new techniques of easing the pain from the body and mind of the patient has lead to the use of music therapy in hospitals and medical colleges. Music of different genres has the capability to resonate your mind and body with the melody and thus the body are in complete control of the music.

music therapy

In The UK, the practice of using music as a drug for treating the patients is prevalent for a long time. The surgeons in the hospitals of UK have the idea of using certain kinds of music that have a great impact on the body and mind of the patients. They feel that music therapy is the most efficient and the free medication that will help mankind to relieve all its pain and agony.

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 Source- Hindustan Times

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