Myths About Mental Illness – You Should Debug It Immediately

Do You Hold Myths about Mental Illness in Your Mind?

What is your view on mental illness?

Do you think that the people with mental illness are scary and dangerous?


The sad fact is;

Mental illness has always been related to something dangerous and abnormal.

Medical science has proven that mental illness is not something abnormal, but just a condition that can be treated over the time.

Still, people have some doubts, and reservations while discussing this problem.

It has been stated in many places by many experts that people suffering from any mental ailment should be treated with extra care so that they can recover from the condition at the earliest. Though medical science has advanced to the next level, still there are some myths about mental illness that exist among people.

Some of the common Myths About Mental Illness are stated here:

Low Profile Parenting

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Some of the major reasons that can cause mental disorder in children can be due to eating disorders or even by depression or anxiety due to both at home as well as for the external environment. Also, there are cases when the kids may get the mental disorder due to a chemical imbalance. Recently, facts about child psychology have also found that exposure to the parents to alcohol and drugs openly in front of the kids can also lead them to such habits and hence they can get affected by various mental disorders. In this case, even if your parenting is correct, still the kids may get issues in their mental health. Often families help kids recover from this traumatic situation. This is one of the major myths about mental illness.

Mental Disorder – A Lifetime Disease

myths about mental illness, interesting fact about bipolar disorder, interesting facts about bipolar disorder, mental disorders that cause violence, how to prevent mental illness

Often people suffering from the certain mental disorder are looked down with the feeling of sympathy. This is the because of the myth that mental disorder is a lifetime disease that cannot get cured. But in reality, there are some such treatments available that can help patients to get cured in a comfortable way. It takes about 10-12 seating session with the psychiatrist along with the prescribed medicines to get cured of such mental ailment.

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Lack of Intelligence

Also, there is a myth that such patients with mental disorder are not intelligent enough to spend their regular time in a particular workplace. Again this has been proved wrong by the experts. The facts about mental health vs. mental illness has to be understood in this case. As one of the interesting facts about bipolar disorder, it has been noticed that sometimes people with such disorders are more creative than the person with normal mental health.

Addiction Leads to Low Self-Determination

The most number of people often think that addiction commences due to life’s frustration, but according to experts, a person starts to take drugs as per the circumstances and atmosphere. It is a person’s personality that leads him or her to drink alcohol or consume drugs that can be cured of.

People who have Mental Illness Are Dangerous

myths about mental illness, interesting fact about bipolar disorder, interesting facts about bipolar disorder, mental disorders that cause violence, how to prevent mental illness

It is often considered that there are many mental disorders that cause violence and hence people suffering from such mental issues are considered as dangerous. This is again among various major myths about mental illness.  Of course, people suffering from issues like bipolar disorder suffer from mood swings, but if they are kept in the proper environment, the chances of violence are very much reduced.

Myth About the Shock Therapy

Maximum parents think that electric shock can cause brain damage readily. This is not true. It’s just a myth. It helps patients to recover faster.

There is also some eating disorder facts and myths that lead to mental ailments. There is a myth that eating disorder can only affect the body, but there are some ways how an eating disorder can have a negative impact on the mind too. Some of the difficulties eating disorder bring in are:

  • Neurotransmission disruption,
  • Underdevelopment of neurological system during adolescent,
  • Anorexic states sometimes can lead to abnormal activities,
  • Reduced heart rate reduces oxygen in the brain,
  • Disordered thinking and numbness in the nerve system,
  • Weak brain response,
  • The size of the brain may shrink,
  • Sensitivity of the emotional centers such as depression and irritability,
  • Difficulty in tasks and thinking.
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Myths and Facts About Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a mental condition that often makes takes the patient on a journey of mood swings, a sudden change in activities and others. Before knowing about how to prevent mental illness such as bipolar disorder, it is very much important to know about what is it. Bipolar disorder interesting facts show that there are four types of the condition. These come in stages and hence on the diagnosis of the first symptom, it is ideal to start with the treatment.

Some of the major symptoms that patients suffer from are:

myths about mental illness, interesting fact about bipolar disorder, interesting facts about bipolar disorder, mental disorders that cause violence, how to prevent mental illness

  • Feeling high or low every time,
  • May either have increased energy or less energy in some cases,
  • Sleeping can be trouble such as either the patient may sleep too much or too less,
  • There is always a feeling of getting worried, irritation and similar,
  • At times they may do things very fast and are very motivated while sometimes they may become slow,
  • Risky things are one option that they might do such as even trying to commit suicide.

Mental illness and genetics can have a relationship if the kid’s parents also had suffered from such issues in life. Often there are some fun facts about bipolar disorder such as the patient may suddenly start thinking that he or she is very rich and may start spending huge money on unnecessary things and pleasures. Though it is considered as bipolar disorder fun facts, of course, it has to be understood that the patient is doing harm to himself or herself.

Treating bipolar disorder is not difficult these days. This is absolutely one of the worst myths about mental illness. Normally doctors prescribe medicines that are related to mood stabilizers and antidepressants. But also experts state that the environment of the person plays a major role in treating his or her mental condition.

Myths About Mental illness – Myths and Facts About Schizophrenia

Similar to bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia is another mental disorder that has gained some myths, and a lot of facts have to be discussed yet. This particular disease explains that why is mental illness a social problem. It is because people around the patient take him or her dangerous, but in fact, the patient is in a state of terror in his or her mind.

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There are five stages of types of Schizophrenia and patients may suffer from some both positive as well as negative symptoms. As per both myths and warning signs of depression, the first stages should not be neglected. Some of the symptoms that the patients start with are some unknown activities such as hallucinations, delusions, and even a person may stay in the same place for a long time.

myths about mental illness, interesting fact about bipolar disorder, interesting facts about bipolar disorder, mental disorders that cause violence, how to prevent mental illness

As per both Schizophrenia facts and myths, patients often suffer from some mental ailments such as difficulty in focusing, difficulty in remembering and many other things. But this again a myth that such person cannot be social. In fact, staying with friends and being social can help them to get cured much faster.

The disorder of Schizophrenia has lots of myths about violence and committing suicides. But it is again studied that if the patients are not disturbed much and are kept under friendly environment, they never get violent. Also, the cases of committing suicide or becoming a drug addict are only for 10% cases. So, these are the simple myths about mental illness.

Prevention is always better than cure, and hence it is always better to know about how to prevent mental health problems. Some of the prevention activities can be:

  • To have a healthy and balanced diet,
  • To practice regular exercises,
  • To get enough amount of comfortable sleep,
  • To talk to someone about problems in place of hiding them,
  • To avoid stress,
  • To stay away from smoking, alcohol or drugs.

The causes are a major reason such as the environment and also accidents that may have happened. But to have a healthy mind, eating healthy and staying with a healthy lifestyle is important.

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