Nearly All Life Forms on Earth Being Affected by Climate Change

EarthA new study has revealed the human induced temperature change is drastically affecting all life forms on earth. These include everything from genetic mutations, evolutions and migration patterns.

The study was published in the Science magazine by Wildlife Conservation Society. It is found that 94 percent of all ecological processes that serve as the healthy foundation of all ecosystem of earth and over 80 percent of these are showing signs of distress.

Major effects of temperature change are already being felt – not just climate change. The Great Barrier Reef has been announced dead as the rising ocean temperatures have bleached them. Even 1 degree centigrade increase causes changes in physiology and genes. Species are moving from one place to another to find suitable climate. Lot of species have also undergone forced evolution and that is not good news.

The negative effects

Climate change has happened for centuries, but many of them were natural climate changes. From the era of the dinosaurs to now, earth has witnessed climate change. However, human induced climate change is something else, and in many effects of it are undesirable.

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The increasing ocean temperatures have directly affected aquatic life forms. This has reduced fish harvests. More delicate life forms, such as plants are also being affected, and thereby affecting harvests. This undesirable change of climate also has the potential to affect humans greatly in many ways. Besides reduced harvest, there will be numerous disease outbreaks and increased pests which will affect humans.

The level of change observed for a small amount of change is both astonishing and scary. If world leaders do not consider the effects of this and act accordingly, then environmental catastrophe is inevitable. Besides the shocking revelations, the study also shows how nature responds or gets distressed to a warming climate.

Source: Nature World News

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