Net worth Of Larry David

Larry David is one of the most popular actors, directors, actors, comedians, and also a widely reputed television producer with an estimated net worth of almost $400 million. He is one of the creators of the top-rated show Jerry Seinfeld along with his close friend Jerry Seinfeld himself. He is most popular as the star and the creator of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry David has made many appearances in Saturday Night Live as the Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in 2016 and 2020.

Early Life of Larry David

Larry was born on July 2, 1947, in New York, in the city of Brooklyn. His dad was a men’s garment producer. He has a more seasoned sibling named Ken. He was born into a Jewish family. His dad’s side moved to the U.S. from Germany during the nineteenth century, while the mother of Larry David was naturally introduced to a Jewish and Polish family in Tarnopol, presently in Ukraine. He went to Sheepshead Bay High School then he attended the University of Maryland located in College Park. Larry David was also a member of Tau Epsilon Phi during the 1960s. He graduated with a four-year certification ever.

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It was during his college years that David began building up his interpretation of things and found that he could make individuals chuckle, just by acting naturally. After school, David enrolled in the United States Army Reserve. He held different random temp jobs, including filling in as a store agent and a driver for limos, while likewise rehearsing his stand up around evening time. During the period 1980 to 1982, he was an essayist and appeared on Fridays, ABC sketch show.

After that, he joined the Saturday Night Live as a writer and stayed there from 1984 till 1985. One of his sketches became popular in the Saturday Night Live on its later schedule. He worked with stars that were to be in Seinfeld, who was Michael Richards and Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Fridays and SNL, respectively.

Larry David’s Earnings and Net Worth


It is quite easy to understand that most of the net worth of Larry David comes from him being majorly associated with the hugely successful show Seinfeld. From an overall point, both Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld owned around 7.5% of the total equity points from the equity points of the show Seinfeld. The show was most successful during the mid-1990s, at this time, the duo of Larry and Jerry came to the negotiation with NBC.

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Which ultimately boosted both their points to 15% each. Some part of that big boost also came from the fact that both Larry and Jerry bought out one of the equity owners who was looking to cash out. The first syndication of the show was in 1998. The first-ever deal of the show, brought around $1.7 billion, leading to Jerry and David each getting almost $250 million each. With estimation, he makes an average of $40-$50 million from all the different kinds of sales from the show. In the year of 2015, Larry got around $80 million and also $180 million by Hulu to get the streaming rights. This led to Larry and David getting $30 million each.

In September of 2019, Larry sold Seinfeld to Netflix for $500 million giving each jerry and larry a value of $75 million each.

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