Nokia and HMD to release smartphones in 120 markets

While the flagship smartphone under the Nokia branding is yet to be announced by HMD Global, the start up made by Nokia’s employees is now prepping to launch their exsisting mid and low range smartphone globally simultaneously.

Nokia 3,5 and 6 scheduled for Q2 Release

The best offering by Nokia, the Nokia 6, along with Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 were shown in MWC2017. Now, both Nokia and HMD are planning to launch the three devices to 120 markets simultaneously. This will be one of the biggest smartphone releases of 2017. HMD also has got some support from Foxconn and Nokia.

Staying True to the Root

One of the biggest reasons for success of Nokia in an overpopulated Android powered smartphone ecosystem is Nokia’s adherence to its traditions. What makes Nokia a Nokia was it’s durability. The Nokia 6 has a low powered Snapdragon 430. This is not even a mid-range SoC, even though the rest of the internal components were more than decent.

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However, the all metal construction of Nokia 6 is what makes it stand out. Even the individual buttons on the sides are made of metal, the camera comes covered in scratch resistant glass, and the screen can withstand exposure to flames. Even the fingerprint sensor is scratch resistant. You can watch the video here:


Nokia 6 is also heavy, due to it’s durable construction. There has been all metal phones that end up snapping in two easily, but the Nokia 6 barely even bends. It’s just like a smartphone version of 3310. Under powered, but insanely durable.

No 3310 release

Now, the rebooted Nokia 3310 will not release in 120 countries. It will be released in fewer countries where there is a market for such phones. Moreover, Nokia 3310 is a 2G only phone, and in many markets, 2G will be made obsolete by carriers in the near future. So, there is no point releasing Nokia 3310 anymore to those countries.

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Source: WCCFTech


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