Nokia may have an N-series device in the pipeline, along with a 3310

Nokia N900Before the demise of Nokia as we used to know it, the Finnish mobile brand had some very successful phones. The N-series lineup of smartphones, and the legendary Nokia 3310. It will be quite a rejoicing news to know that both these device lineups will probably be back again.

N series Reboot

Nokia, or HMD Global, is now considering a reboot of the old N-series. The N-series symbolized the best ever that the company made, the flagship being the Nokia N9 that was released sometime during 2011. The N-series started off with the Symbian OS and then used a forked Linux based MeeGo OS. All of these were soon overshadowed by Android and Nokia made the switch to Windows Phone devices.

Recently, a trademark for “NSERIES” was patented by the Finnish company in China’s Patent office. Nokia also had a N1 tablet in 2015 that did not get much attention. It will be interesting to see what the company comes up with, considering that these will be flagship devices. P1 by Nokia itself looks like a flagship device, but the company needs to do more to make a strong comeback to the already crowded smartphone space.

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A Nokia 3310 reboot?

It is also rumored that Nokia will be releasing a Nokia 3310 reboot which may or may not have the same name. The device was known for it’s durability and a really long battery life. Almost everyone who owed a phone back then had a Nokia 3310 or knew someone who had it. We do not know if it will be rugged smartphone or a dumb phone, but since nothing is revealed officially, take everything with a grain of salt.

We don’t need another Android Phone manufacturer

The smartphone space is already crowded with multiple OEMs making their Android smartphones, and only a very few devices can offer satisfactory experiences. Big players, such as Samsung, has already established some sort of monopoly. At this moment, we all look forward to Nokia providing a fresh direction in this scene and not make generic Android smartphones.

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