Top 5 North Indian Breakfast Recipes

There’s no kidding about the fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. There is simply nothing like waking up in the morning and have that first meal that fills you up with goodness. And is there anything better than a big fat North Indian breakfast place? Whether you have Chole Puri or Paranthas for breakfast, it is a grand feast that is so delicious; it will definitely charge you up for a busy day.

So, why would you just gobble anything up when you can actually create some amazing North India breakfast recipes on your own? This is why we are here. We have some interesting recipes for the perfect North Indian breakfast that you are going to love.

Top Recipes For A North Indian Breakfast

Here are some of the top north Indian breakfast recipes that you definitely should be trying to have a delicious meal in the morning.


Is there any better way to spice up your boring morning routine than enjoying a hot bowl of delicious Poha? There is a reason why it is one of the most popular breakfast foods in North India, right? Cooked to perfection with some onions, potatoes, and flavored all the way with curry leaves and a hint of lemon, this deliciousness will definitely make your day.

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Gobi ka Paratha

Paranthas are a delicacy that every person will enjoy, whether he/she is a North Indian or not. They are completely crazy about paranthas for sure. If it is a stuffed parantha, there is no comparison because it is definitely the best breakfast that anyone can have. Laden with butter and stuffed with a cooked mixture of cauliflower, Gobi ka Parantha is a delicacy that everyone would enjoy in the morning.

Chole Bhature


We have a dish that is straight out from the perfect Punjabi household. The hot Chole Chature is simply one of the dishes that will fill you to the brim with richness and goodness. Made with a wide array of spices and seasoning, this mouth-watering dish is the breakfast of champions for sure. One bit of the food and you will not be able to stop yourself from eating another.

Roti And Sarso Ka Saag

Well, this is another one of the dishes that are simply amazing to eat. Make with corn; the Roti is simply filled with flavor and goes perfectly well with the Saag made with mustard leaves. Whoever thought of this food combination must be deemed genius for sure.

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Paneer Toast

Do you want to have a quick bit before you set out for a long and busy day? Well, there is simply not a single speck of doubt that some Paneer toasts would simply quench your hunger for good food and will keep you sane till lunchtime. All you have to do is fill up two pieces of bread with a mix of Paneer or cottage cheese and then toast it to see how amazing it looks and tastes.

There you go, hungry people. These delicious north Indian breakfast treats are all you need to make your mornings great.

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