Ten Amazing Perks of Being Chubby

Hello there!  Are you grumbling about that extra pound around your belly or buttocks..? Please do not be, whatever you are it is who you are, and you should always be proud of it. One should know how to play up their downs so that it doesn’t get your mood down because when you are happy you got to feel that ‘’happiness is the truth! ‘’

So take a look at points below and add to them if you can come up with more.

The Perks of Being Chubby

Close Comfort

Chubby people are so good to hug! You will never come across a healthy guy or girl who is not great to hug or cuddle and that makes them great cushions! Ever in need of little affection, their soft wrap of love will always cheer you up.  Added to that if you have pets in your house nobody will prove that better, it will inevitably make you into their ultimate rest-buddy!

perks of being chubby

Fall Buffers

If you are chubby, then this is tried and tested! No matter how sudden your fall may be, you will have your blubber at your rescue at any point of it, and you’d be surprised to see how much it saves your dear bones.(Bruises can never be compared to broken bones, can they?) Really one of the amazing perks of being chubby.

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perks of being chubby

Make it Move

When you are flabby, you will always be looked upon as sad stories in case of dance and games. Well, if you have grown up playing games you would know you are no less than any other person in it and can use your skills as weapons. In the case of Latin dances or belly dancing, your job is easier done than that of the skinny rest, shake it a little and you are the best around!

perks of being chubby

Wide Audience

If you are able to look over your adiposity and built a great personality and dress well, in most cases it would be seen that you have more attention than most in any given situation. Our eyes would invariably attend to the bigger person first which would also help them in keeping the concentration fixed, you are being given a better chance at grabbing it and holding it, half your battle is won before you start. Isn’t that amazing..?

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Food Friends

Generally, they are great at tables and never fuss over trying new cuisines and always have a hearty meal, enjoying it to the bits. They are great entertainers and mingle fabulously over food, mostly, at their garrulous best.

perks of being chubby

Swim champs

In case you fall under those having light bones and more flesh, you would inevitably be a great floater which majorly increases your chance of being a great swimmer as well! ( You would even need less water for bath tub! :p)


Having flabs here and there always makes room for some objects of desire. Be it food in the non-eating zone or a pack of cigarettes for a sudden smoke.

Having skinny girlfriends

If you are a girl, you know this! Serving as a plus-point, a chubby girl is often looked upon as a harmless companion. In our image-conscious world, chubby girls are never considered a threat amongst oh-so- figure-conscious-miss-divas and her friends, thus, sharing something pleasant with most people, eventually.

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Tattooed Tales

Supposing you are like most of us who wouldn’t mind a little tattoo then you are a winner in this game! You would always have more space and less hurt to put up with when it comes to tattooing. Flesh always makes a nice padding when the machine works on you, even over the bones making the pain bearable there. One of the best perks of being chubby.

perks of being chubby

No Cold Cuffs

They always have this exclusive source of body heat ready to cover for them during the sudden dips in Celsius.  They are even built in famine resistant.  So all-time ready to take on nature and its whims! One of the so many perks of being chubby.

So, what say you chubby people there? Isn’t it amazing to be chubby?


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