Mouth-Watering Recipes With Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is one of the ingredients that is loved by one and all. It is due to the creamy texture and the sweet taste that it has. It is used as a prevalent ingredient for cooking; Coconut milk can be used to make so many amazing dishes and here we will discuss some mouth-watering recipes with coconut milk.

The taste is also very interesting as it leaves a wholesome feeling in your heart. So, when you want to cook with coconut milk, there are some specific coconut milk recipes that you should definitely try. We are going to mention these recipes right here so that you don’t have to think about what you want to make.

Some Amazing Recipes With Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk can be used to make a wide range of amazing dishes, and we are providing a sampling of some of these recipes right here. So, the next time you feel like experimenting with coconut milk to have an adventure in the kitchen, make sure to try some of these dishes right here.

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Prawn Malai Curry- Probably the Best Recipe with Coconut Milk

Known to be a very popular dish in Bengal, the prawn malai curry is one of the best recipes with coconut milk that you are definitely going to enjoy. Fresh prawns are sautéed in butter and are cooked till perfection with a blend of spices and some fresh coconut milk to bring in a creamy and light texture that would definitely make your day. One bit will not be enough when you have a taste of this delicious meal for sure.

Khow Suey

This is basically a Burmese version of the amazing noodle soup that people love to have. This delicacy bursts with amazing and authentic flavors and not to mention, coconut milk. This is a one-pot and dish meal that will serve some mouth-watering noodles and some vegetables cooked in the perfect broth that is made with coconut milk. You can garnish the Khow Suey with some fried garlic and some peanuts.

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Lentil Coconut Curry


If you are in the mood to have something simple, all you need is some coconut milk and some lentils to begin your preparation for the Dal Coconut Curry. This is simply one of the best dishes that you will ever eat for sure. Made with some of the most aromatic of the spices, this dish is lip-smacking great. Also it is the perfect curry to serve for lunch as well as dinner. Also, it is very easy to make, as there is not much to do for sure.

Coconut Chicken Curry

Who doesn’t love Chicken curry? The answer is no one. But do you know how to make your chicken curry even more special? Well, this Coconut Chicken recipe for the curry is something that will answer all your questions for sure. This dish is one of the most popular ones in India, and people absolutely love it there.

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So, these are some of the best recipes with coconut milk that you can try in your kitchen. Give these recipes a try and find out the ones that were your favorite. Good luck with the cooking.

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