Return of The PC is Inevitable After Years of Decline, Says Gartner

PC sales have been going down globally. After Windows 8, OEMs where making category defining devices that started off with Microsoft’s Surface tablet-notebook hybrid device. Now, after hitting the rock bottom, according to Gartner, PC market will see a handsome increase in sales.

Shipments of traditional PC’s have declined. Tablets are also on the decline. People prefer hybrid devices these days. A slim laptop that can be turned into a tablet. While Microsoft Surface and MacBook Air are premium devices that are always in some demand, their sales do not really affect the PC market.

Consumers to Refresh PCs

This trend has been going for five years, and now, according to the research director at Gartner, Ranjit Atwal, consumers are willing to refresh their PCs. One of the best things about owning a PC is that it can be upgraded easily. Most people buy a PC because it will last long. And if anything happens, you get tons of aftermarket parts to complement the damaged components. Building a PC does need some initial learning, but most people can do that.

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However, a point comes when you cannot upgrade your current PC further, or the upgrade does not make any sense. Very old motherboards will not support newer and better processors, cannot take advantage of faster memory.

PCs are General Purpose Devices

One of the biggest strengths of a PC is that it can do a wide variety of tasks you throw at it. This makes the demand for PCs to always exist. Gartner predicts the embattled PC market will start to benefit from a replacement cycle toward the end of this forecast period, returning to growth in 2018, while better priced premium laptops will entice some to upgrade, even as traditional PC sales continue to decline. Already at this year’s CES show vendors have an array of 2-in-1 devices on show, with more to follow. The demand for PC’s is not always flat, but keep on oscillating.

Source: ZDnet


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