Samsung is Working on New VR and AR Tech

Samsung Gear VRFor those waiting for Samsung to release their version of Gear VR are in luck. Samsung will soon release VR and AR headsets, probably in MWC or Mobile World Congress in February. At the Virtual Reality Summit in San Diego this week, Samsung vice president Sung-Hoon Hong said that the company is not only focusing on VR but also the emerging AR category. Plus, the company has plans to improve upon the implementations of Microsoft HoloLens and Magic Leap when it comes to AR.

The next version of VR will be offered in a short time. Samsung only revealed this much about their future VR headsets. So, it is expected that they will make announcements at the MWC. The company generally makes important announcements and releases during that event.

Also, then we will get to see Samsung’s work in the field of AR. They are working on a new “light field engine”. This will make holograms more realistic. Samsung’s VP said, “Samsung’s hologram technology is really, really realistic. It looks really touchable.”

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This probably means that the device will actually analyze external light sources. By doing so, it can render virtual objects with the same lighting as that of the rear world. This, however, will be computationally intensive. Moreover, this is just a speculation. Nothing yet is known for sure.

Something else that is known is that Samsung is also working on an eye-tracking technologies for VR. It is unknown whether this will be available in the Gear VR headsets that will be released soon. A new patent surfaced that shows a VR headset with some more sensors. These are electrooculographic (EOG) and infrared (IR) sensors that will be used to track eye movement.

Tracking the user is being made a priority in the new generation of VRs. This year, Oculus too, demoed a headset that can track user’s facial expressions. Samsung’s new VR might show up along with the Galaxy S8.

Source: Digit, engadget

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