Should Christians Be At All Celebrating Christmas Day?

If you are a Christian, then definitely your heart fills with joy at the arrival of the month of December to celebrate the Christmas day. No doubt, Christmas is predominantly celebrated by the Christians and Catholics across the globe. But the question here is, are you sure that Christmas is a Christian festival. Was Christmas day meant for the Christians to celebrate?

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Every year many Christian families spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on bringing home a Christmas tree, decorate it with traditional and new ornaments, put tinsel and a star on top of it and surround it with a pile of unopened and carefully packed gifts. The preparation for Christmas day festivity is never moderate in a Christian family, as people intend to make every Christmas their best. But is the holiday Christian at all? Well, the answer might surprise you or even shock some, but NO, Christmas day is not marked by Christianity.

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How did Christmas day come about?

If you dig a bit deeper into the history of Christmas, you will find that what you learn of it as a child is a lot different than what it is. Christmas is a term coined by people from the phrase “Mass of Christ”. There are some surprising facts about Christmas that may interest you. It does not mark the birth of the Lord and neither can anyone find any mention of it in the Holy Bible. Christmas day is neither a doctrine and nor has Christ himself directed anyone to celebrate his birthday. If he at all intends on any such occasion, there must have been a mention of it, somewhere.

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According to various historic books and manuscripts, a similar festival, with the same traditions and rituals has been celebrated for many years, hundreds of years, before the birth of Jesus Christ. Also, Christmas day came to be celebrated a long time after, in fact, hundreds of years after the crucification of the Lord.

Christmas day, origin of Christmas, history of Christmas, facts about Christmas, Christmas day festivity


Now that you know, Christmas day is not entirely a celebration meant for the Christians; you must also be intrigued to learn about the origin of Christmas. According to celebrated historians, the Christmas Festival is more of a gradual evolution rather than an instant celebration. It was hundreds of years after the birth, crucification and there after the resurrection of the Lord that Roman churches declared the festivity. According to ancient Christmas facts, the festival was declared to be celebrated on the same day as the Pagan festival, which was when the Pagan world worshipped the Sun God.

The evolved yet real meaning of Christmas, is giving and forgiving, sharing the love and forgetting the sorrows and most of all coming together with family. Hence, it does not matter whether Christmas day is at all a Christian festival or not. Christmas is for everyone.

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