Top 5 South Indian Breakfast Recipes

All of your happiness depends on a proper and leisurely breakfast, don’t you think? Since nothing, in particular, speaks glory than some crispy butter dosa or a plat of Medhu vada, enjoying a delicious South Indian breakfast is something that we all want. No matter whether you are a kid or a fully grown adult, tasting South Indian food for the first time must be an experience for you.

After, there is a wide range of preparations that have a blend of unique flavors. Not to mention, these dishes are healthy as well. So, why wouldn’t you want to indulge in some healthy South Indian breakfast in the first place? Well, this is where we come forward to help you out.

Best South Indian Breakfast Recipes


Want to have south Indian food but don’t know how to make it? These recipes for a scrumptious South Indian breakfast are going to help you for sure.

Rava Dosa (My Favorite South Indian Breakfast)

Deep-fried and crispy, the Rava dosa is simply one of the few foods that you definitely cannot miss out on. Adding a splash of onions to the Rava mixture will bring out the actual flavor in it for sure. It is so amazing and tasty that you will not be able to believe it at first. The Rava Dosa can be your ultimate new favorite food for breakfast. Plus, it is really easy to make, as well.

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Made with the goodness of coconut and rice, Appams are south Indian pancakes that people enjoy from different parts of the country. With the help of some simple ingredients such as Urad dal and some masalas from your Grandma’s cabinet, you are all set to enjoy the fluffy appams in your plate. The soft interior and the paper-thin layer on the outside is just the most amazing thing that you will ever see.

Medu Vada

Who here doesn’t like a Medu Vada? Sinfully delicious and extremely crispy, the Medu vada is one of the amazing South Indian breakfast recipes that everyone likes. And we certainly do not blame them. Why? because once you enjoy a plate of Medu Vadas with some coconut chutney, we are pretty sure that it will become your new favorite for sure.


Uttapam is a Dosa like food that you can make with Urad Dal, fenugreek seeds, and some rice. One bite of the scrummy and light Uttapams, and you will definitely go around in the kitchen looking for some more. This is easily one of the best breakfast recipes that anyone can make, and we urge that you give this a shot for sure.

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This delectable dish is made with loads of coconut to give it the texture that it has. Also known as the Steamed Rice Cake, there is no doubt that this food is a delicious treat that you just cannot miss. Try out a Puttu with some Sambar, and you will know exactly why people are such a big fan of this dish.

Check out these awesome recipes for a South Indian breakfast and try to make some on your own.


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