Soy Protein Might Reduce Gestational Diabetes- Says Research

Consuming soy protein during pregnancy can reduce the chances of getting gestational diabetes, says a research. Some researchers also say that soy protein helps to lessen the probability of Type 2 Diabetes.

The research included 68% women with gestational diabetes mostly being in the 26th week of gestation. The study was followed till they delivered the baby.

A group of would-be mothers were given 35% soy protein and rest portion were animal protein. Another group of pregnant ladies were given animal proteins and legumes. The test was conducted for 6 weeks.

At the end of 6th week, the fasting blood glucose and insulin level decreased in the group of women that consumed soy protein, and the other group had increased level of glucose and insulin.

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What is gestational diabetes?

Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that is seen in some women during 24-28 weeks of pregnancy.

Occurrence of Diabetes during pregnancy

Gestation diabetes is very rare. Only 4% women suffer from gestational diabetes. Although you develop this diabetes during pregnancy, it does not mean that you will have diabetes throughout your life. As soon as your baby is delivered, gestational diabetes disappears. Also, you may have a healthy baby in spite of having this type of diabetes. But there remains a chance of getting Type 2 diabetes in future.

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Causes of gestational diabetes

During pregnancy, the placenta produces hormones that increase the amount of glucose in the blood. Usually, the pancreas secretes enough amount of insulin. This helps to handle the extra amount of glucose in the blood of the pregnant women. But, in case the insulin is not able to handle it, then gestational diabetes occurs.

gestational diabetes, gestational diabetes symptoms, symptoms of gestational diabetes, signs of gestational diabetes, diabetes in pregnancy, diabetes during pregnancy

Gestational diabetes symptoms

Though symptoms of gestational diabetes are very rare, still some signs include-

  • Increased thirst with dry mouth
  • Blurred vision
  • Frequent urination
  • Tiredness
  • Increased hunger

As the symptoms of gestational diabetes are very rare, hence, the doctors ask for a glucose-screening test during 24-28 weeks of pregnancy.

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Are you at a risk of having gestational diabetes?

Maybe you have no symptoms of gestational diabetes, but you may be prone to it if you-

  • Obese and your BMI (Basal Metabolic Index) is over 30
  • Have sugar in urine
  • Had gestational diabetes during previous pregnancy
  • Strong family history of diabetes
  • Age over 35
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Problems of gestational diabetes in pregnancy

There are several adverse effects of diabetes during pregnancy. Some of them are-

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Extra-large baby– the baby may grow into big size in the womb due to higher consumption of sugar. This may lead to uneasiness for the would-be mother during the last months of pregnancy.

C- section– this becomes the only way to deliver the baby from the mother’s womb in the case of gestational diabetes.

High blood pressure– diabetes during pregnancy can lead to high blood pressure. This results in preeclampsia. Swelling of fingers and toes are seen.

Tips for women with gestational diabetes

Proper diet plan– a proper and healthy diet plan advised by the medical practitioner should be followed. Including soy proteins in the daily diet can reduce the chances of this ailment.

Regular workout– exercising properly on a regular basis is very effective in controlling gestational diabetes.

Monitor blood sugar– Monitoring blood sugar on a regular basis is essential in order to have a healthy pregnancy.

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With the progress of science and technology, every ailment is now controllable and curable. All you need to do is follow a healthy lifestyle along with a balanced diet to stay away from gestational diabetes.

Source- Reuters

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