Super 30 Box Office Collection, Review, Story Behind it

Before discussing anything about the film, we must learn about the source of the movie or the story behind Super 30.

The one thing that everyone knows is that the protagonist of the film, played by Hrithik Roshan, is a real-life character known as Anand Kumar, and the film is about his Super 30 program.

Who Is Anand Kumar from the movie super30? 


Anand Kumar is an Indian Mathematics Educator. He suffered from poverty in his early life and which is why he could not continue his further education. Maybe for that, no one can know how conflicts can be created by poverty in life better than him. He used to work on mathematics during the daytime and sell papads in the evenings with his mother.

He used to teach children to earn extra funds. Gradually when the number of Anand’s students increased, he rented a classroom for rs. Five hundred per month and began his institute, the Ramanujan School of Mathematics. Within a year, there were 500 students from 2 students in his classroom.

About Anand Kumar’s Super 30 Programme

In early 2000 when a student came to him who could not afford Coaching for IIT-JEE, he was moved. He started teaching the poor students who can’t afford coaching for IIT-JEE. And the Super 30 program in 2002 begins. Since then, every year in May, his school, the Ramanujan School of Mathematics, selects 30 intelligent students from economically backward sections through a competitive test. He tutors provide study materials and lodging for a year and prepare them for the joint entrance exam for the Indian Institute of Technology. His mother and brother take care of their food and the management part.

Anand Kumar is one of those who believes in self-support and has faith in himself. When his institute started gaining popularity, he received many offers from private sectors to national and international companies, and the government offered him financial help. But he wants to continue his Super 30 program on his own without any secondary support.

Everything About Super 30 Movie

At the starting director, Vikash Bahl showed how During graduation, he submitted a few papers on number theory full stop the papers, and that was published in Mathematical Spectrum. Then after a few days, he secured his admission at the University of Cambridge. Just when his future is going to brighten up, a new tragedy came into his life; his father died. And along with that, his dream to study further at the University of Cambridge fell apart.

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Then the film’s plot moves ahead when Anand Kumar gradually starts teaching in a coaching center where he finds a poor boy had to leave because of his poverty. His situation hit Anand, and he decided to teach a group of 30 poor kids to prepare them for IIT.

After that, many conflicts came to his way, but he was not one of them who would accept defeat so readily. And after all the difficulties, all of his students successfully passed IIT.

Review of super30 movie

According to the movie reviews, the main focus of the movie is to show us how Anand Kumar changes the fate of a few misunderstood geniuses who need a mentor. If they are given proper opportunities, they also can be successful in life.

Many said, there are lots of movies that tried to grab the audience’s attention to this exact matter. But if we judge it as a true story, Anand Kumar’s life is too perfect for a film, and it contains all the required elements like a superhero without a cape, caste, poverty, education, political corruption, mafia, Coaching classes, teenagers, etc. They say that Vikash Bahl made Anand Kumar’s life too much drama for the sake of the movie.

The film is carrying a narrative language of a “children’s film.” There is much evidence focusing on this matter. The character of the Education Minister, played by Pankaj Tripathi, was more of a comic style to appease young viewers. Then Hrithik and his heroine’s love story was a typical poor boy-rich girl romance. Another evidence hides at that moment when Anand decides to quit the coaching center. The drama was overflowing there when Anand heard his father’s voice saying that only the king’s sons get the chance to sit on the throne; now, the throne is for those who are perfectly qualified.

The first conversation between the hero and the villain, and at the same, the weather becomes stormy, is the perfect example of the above matter.

And there are many more scenes that show unnecessary dramas in the film. But despite all of these flaws, Hrithik Roshan’s performance successfully grabbed the audience’s attention towards the iconic personality Anand Kumar. And in the end, we can say that Super 30 successfully achieved its primary motive.

Critic Response to super30 Bollywood movie

Super 30 received mixed reviews from Critics. It won three and a half stars from The Times Of India.

They praised the cinematography and performances of a few actors. They said that the Super 30 movie was successful in delivering the message that though nowadays only people with good economic background have the opportunity to continue their higher education. If the proper field is given to the passionate students whose luck is only seeing the bad side because of their poverty, then they too can shine brightly. Besides that, the film also shows a human drama, the story of a teacher who tastes the victory and sets an example for the world.

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On the other hand, NDTV gave the film two stars saying the Hrithik Roshan is not the right cast as Anand Kumar. They also said that it does not make a movie worth watching if it tells a true story that is not convincing.

Again India Today rated the movie two and a half stars. According to them, the main problem with the film is its length, and it showed unnecessary dramas.

CNN-News 18 Review 

Hrithik Roshan has given admirable performance and agreed with The Times Of India and said education must be the way to a better life, but it’s a privilege itself. They also added that all superheroes do not wear capes, and Super 30 shows us an example of that.

The Indian Express gave the movie two stars saying that the story of the film is inspiring, but the way of telling it is not. It’s nothing but a drag. If the story was in good hands, it might have turned out to be a fantastic film.

Box Office Collection of super30 featuring Hrithik Roshan

The Super 30 collection stayed steady even after a month. Overall it collected 144.73 crores in the local market and its worldwide 210.00 crores. Here showed Super 30’s week wise collection in 1month.

Week 1 to 4 India Net collection

  • 1st day – Rs. 11.83 crore
  • Week 1 – Rs. 75.85 crore
  • Week 2 – Rs. 37.86 crore
  • Week 3 – Rs. 17.94 crore
  • Week 4 – Rs. 9.59 crore

Even after one month, the Super 30 collected proudly up to the next month.

Week 5 to 8 India Net Collection

  • Week 5 – Rs. 5.33 crore
  • Week 6 – Rs. 0.60 crore
  • Week 7 – Rs. 0.20 crore
  • Week 8 – Rs. 0.02 crore

Super 30 net budget was Rs. 60 crore. With its amazing worldwide collection, Super 30 has become the 6th highest net collection movie in 2019 and Hrithik Roshan’s 4rth most top net collection movie until now.

Super 30 Movie Was Hit Or Flop?

Hrithik Roshan received many thumbs down for his accent, tan, and many other flaws. But despite all the blemishes, the film crossed 140 crores and became a super hit.

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If we talk about predictions, Super 30 successfully stands upon that. It was predicted that it would collect between Rs. 100 cr and Rs. 170 Cr. According to them, Super 30, being an inspirational movie, will attract audiences from all generations. The trailer hinted at Hrithik’s performance as a mentor and how brilliantly he executed the character of Anand Kumar. It was easy to predict that Hrithik Roshan’s popularity and his acting as Anand Kumar, and additionally, brilliant supporting actors like Virendra Saxena, Pankaj Tripathi, and Mrunal Thakur, will drag thousands of fans.


How Does Super 30 Function?

It is a non-profit organization and provides free education and hostel facilities to the 30 talented poor students.

Anand Kumar is the founder and teacher of the institute. He raises the fund for the institute from his other profitable organization- Ramanujan School of Mathematics and the few evening classes inside and around Patna.

How Can I Get Admitted In Super 30?

Anand Kumar’s institute organizes an Entrance exam every year. From the exam, only 30 students get selected based on their performance in the test and financial condition. The institute provides free education, lodging, food, and even study materials.

Along with Anand, few other teachers take care of their study, and his mother and brother take care of food, lodging, and different basic needs of the students.

Students from 10th, 11th, and 12th can apply for the Entrance exam. But if you are not suffering from poverty and can afford all educational expenses, then the institute is not for you.

When Is The Entrance Exam Held? 

Usually, the exam is held in May and June. But it varies as per circumstances. You can have all the pieces of information on their official website.

When Can One See The Result Of The Entrance Test?

The result is published within two weeks after the entrance exam. But it can be delayed as per circumstances.


We discussed before; there is more than one flaw in the film Super 30. But the main motive of the film was successfully achieved.

As the days were past, Anand Kumar’s initiative gained enough popularity, and many people came to know about him. In that manner, the Super 30 movie also played a remarkable role.

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