Surface Pro 5 May Launched on Spring 2017

For those who kept waiting for the Surface Pro 5, good news is in store. The new laptop/tablet hybrid from Microsoft will not only come with beefy upgrades with with more and upgraded accessories right out of the box, including the Surface Dial.

A report from PCAdvisor said that the new Surface Pro will not be unveiled before the Spring of 2017. The tablet was missing from the Mobile World Congress 2017 and this had left a lot of potential buyers worrying. There were no clues as to when the device will be released until today.

Coming with the Creator’s Update

The new hybrid device lineup from Microsoft will be released alongside the Windows 10 Creator’s Update. Since the update will be deployed on existing Windows 10 devices during the April-May period, the Surface Pro 5 is also expected to launch during this time.

However, there are mentions of the new Surface Pro 5 all around the internet. One of the more juicy leaks are from the LinkedIn profile on Toby Fitch, who said to have worked on products like the Surface Pro 5.

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Another leak comes from a Chinese website that says that the Surface Pro 5 manufacturing contract is given to the Chinese manufacturer called Pegatron, the company which also makes the Surface Studio. The leak also says that the Surface Pro 5 will have a 4K display, will have a wireless recharging stylus and will arrive in first quarter of 2016.

 Rumored Specs

With Microsoft demoing Windows 10 on ARM, there was initially a strong rumor saying that the Surface Pro 5 could be powered using a Snapdragon 635 or similar SoC. This would mean an improved battery life, along with LTE connectivity. However, the Pro versions had desktop grade power and this meant and Intel Kaby Lake would be more probably.

Screen resolutions include 4k and 2k at 12.3 inches, 16GB RAM, USB-C and USB 3 ports. Cameras, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are also expected to receive upgrades to the newest standards.

Source: PCAdvisor

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