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ASUS Tinker Board 0

Asus Releases a 4K capable Rasberry Pi Contender

The tech giant Asus is taking on the Raspberry Pi with it’s own DIY friendly single board mini computer that  comes with 24 bit audio support and can play 4K videos. Aimed at DIY home theatre and HTPC makers, this tiny board costs around 60 USD or approximately 4100 INR....

Zenfone 3 Max 0

Asus Zenfone 3 Max: A Decent Mid-range Device

With a market filled with Android devices, Asus put priority on making sure that you get a decent phone first. Priced at around Rs. 12,999, the Zenfone 3 Max packs a massive battery that can last a couple of days without charging, a fingerprint scanner and an average camera that...