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Buying A Camera in The Post-DSLR Era

For most folks, smartphones have replaced digital cameras. Even though a 5-year-old point and shoot digital camera are optically superior to most smartphones, the sheer processing power of smartphones can take photos using tiny sensors and churn out great images. Camera sales have dipped over time but camera manufacturers have...


The Must Have Camera Apps for Your Android Smartphone

If you have been taking your smartphone photography more seriously than before, then obviously you need to ditch that selfie centric camera app that takes photos with filters and get an app that gives you more control over your phone hardware. Here are a few apps that serious photographers, as...

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13 Photography Tricks to Take Perfect Selfies

Nowadays our lives revolve around- Eat->Sleep->Work->Take Perfect Selfies. Yes, most of us are now obsessed with clicking perfect selfies every now and then. And once a selfie turns out flattering enough, the next step is to immediately upload them on to all the social networking sites. But this isn’t as simple...