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Reasons to Date a Journalist 0

11 Reasons to Date a Journalist

They can sweep you off your feet with their intellect, they can bring smile on your face in a flash with their impeccable sense of humour, they can surprise you by asking for dinner at 2 am at night, they can trouble you vehemently once you mess up with them....

How to Impress a Girl 0

15 Steps on How to Impress a Girl?

Are you trying to date a woman since long but can’t impress her? In case that you can’t, I no longer need to tell you that it can be quite a bit of a challenge to impress a woman. Women are intuitive in nature, so it is hard for you...

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Reasons to Date a Lady Teacher

Going out with a lady teacher can turn out to be the finest choice of your personal and romantic life. And I am not joking about this – it’s a fact. Many blogs will tell you that you should never date a teacher – they will give some reasons for...