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How to Lock Down Facebook Privacy

Privacy settings on Facebook are pretty complex, and often they get out of hand. A lot of people are leaking out personal data from Facebook unknowingly. Here are some of the major settings that you need to tweak to make sure that you are not sharing anything outside your comfort...

Facebook introduced Stories, like Snapchat 0

Facebook Copies Snapchat, Again

It was Snapchat which first came up with Stories, allowing people to share their photos, videos and updates for the day, something that will last 24 hours. The feature soon became really popular. This is solely what made Snapchat popular in the first place. The ephemeral messaging app provided better...

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Facebook Launching Censorship Tool to Capture the Chinese Market

After Facebook launched in 2004, it had a Chinese language option and had a very few users from mainland China. Since 2009, Facebook was banned in China. But now, the company is trying to gain access to the Chinese market. China always had heavily censored media. This includes television, radio...