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Fitbit Charge 2 1

Fitbit Charge 2 Gets Better with Firmware Update

Fitbit Charge 2 was already one of the best fitness trackers that money could buy. Now, with a huge firmware update released on 20th December, the Charge 2 becomes a better fitness tracker. Here’s all the new bells and whistles that you get. Pause Tracking You probably do not do...

Pebble 0

Pebble – Pioneer of Wrist Based Notifications, Shuts Down

RIP Pebble. The wearable maker who first launched wrist based notifications, even before Apple and others, is shutting down. The company just confirmed their acquistion by Fitbit and all it’s employees are now moving to Fitbit. Last month, there were rumors about Fitbit acquring Pebble. Pebble was a start up...