Tesla Car Owners are the Happiest

Tesla RoadsterConsumer Reports has released the Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey, ranking brands based on their owner’s satisfaction. On that list, Tesla performed excellently and came up to be at the number one spot.

A whopping 91% of the users have said that they would buy a Tesla again. Consumer Reports’ Mike Monticello wrote that their ranking represent the owner sentiment across each brands product line. The report took data from around 300,000 vehicles, with models ranging from 2014 to 2017. A large number of Tesla owners said that they would buy the same model again, or would buy from the same brand given the chance.

The second place was occupied by Porsche. 84% of Porsche owners said that they would buy vehicles of the same brand again. The remaining of the top 5 included Audi, Subaru and Toyota. The last place was occupied by Fiat with only half of the users (53%) thinking of buying a Fiat again. Also, Fiat is selling very few vehicles in the US at the moment. US does not seem to be a target for the company right now.

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A Powerful Brand Image

Tesla Motors, headed by Elon Musk, has become a very prominent brand image, especially because of Musk’s achievements in other fields. The electric vehicle company is one of the many projects of Musk. SpaceX and Solar City are two of his projects that recently received widespread attention. These projects involving renewable energy, providing a greener planet and also space exploration has got more brand loyalty than  marketing and advertising. It shows that the company is spending its revenue on doing more meaningful work. Consumers believe in the vision of Musk and hence buying a Tesla is equal to buying into the vision of the tech genius.

Also, without doubt, Tesla’s electric cars are one of the best vehicles on the road.

Source: Business Insider

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