The BlackBerry KeyONE is a new productivity tool for workaholics.

Blackberry’s newest Android device Hit global shelves this week. India dot limited edition of the BlackBerry KeyONE will be available on Amazon from August 8 onwards. The company now responsible for manufacturing and selling the BlackBerry products in India is Optiemus Infracom.

The signature physical keypad

BlackBerry goes back to the roots with the BlackBerry KeyONE. The Android smartphone now includes a physical keyboard similar to older devices. The keyboard also doubles as a touchpad. The keys are both sensitive to touch is and presses. You can slide your fingers over the keys to scroll or perform gestures. This is quite a new innovation and obviously aimed to improve productivity.

The full physical Qwerty Keypad comes with 4 rows of keys. The first 3 are the alphabets in the last one includes the space bar and some extra buttons. A physical keyboard also means that half of your screen is no longer hidden when you were typing. Therefore, even at 4.5 inches. The screen looks big as the on-screen keyboard doesn’t cover it up.  The 1080 x 1620 resolution is also great for browsing the Web or typing emails.

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Then again, you can also choose to have an onscreen keyboard if you want. After all, it is Android and you can customize it as much as you want.

A monstrous battery

The BlackBerry KeyONE is the BlackBerry with the largest battery yet.  It comes with a 3505 MAH battery that can charge up to 50% using Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 technology. The battery is large enough to get you through the day. Obviously, there are more phones with higher battery capacity, but at this form factor the battery of the BlackBerry KeyONE is pretty large.

Decent specifications

The specifications on the BlackBerry KeyONE is also pretty decent. It comes with a 4 GB RAM and 64 GB ROM (expandable up to 2 TB). It runs on a 2.0 Giga Hertz, 8 core Snapdragon 625 processor. Obviously, this is not a top of the line specification. However, it is decent enough to get the job done and again do a little bit more. Premium budget phones such as the Motorola G5 Plus similar specifications. Therefore, performance wise it is a pretty decent phone.

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The phone also comes with Android 7.1. You will get access to the Google play store and also the BlackBerry hub. There is some pre-installed software provided by BlackBerry in to increase security and privacy. However, the rest of the Android experience is untouched. Therefore, you will get a stock like Android experience on the BlackBerry KeyONE.


The Optics Department of the BlackBerry KeyONE is nothing stellar. In the front, there is an 8 Mega Pixel camera and on the rear, there is a 12 Mega Pixel camera with faced text and it will flash. The low pixel count on the rear camera allows the individual pixels to be larger in size and hence performs better in low light.

Wrap Up

Priced at Rs 39,900; the phone, comes with a great screen, powerful processor, a fine camera. Also, with plenty of work-related apps the new BlackBerry device can be a good catch for BlackBerry loyalists and task-oriented professionals.

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