The Most Anticipated Smartphones of 2018

2017 was a great year for phones. We saw thinner bezel-free phones, phones with multiple screens and dual camera setups. 2017 arguably produced some of the best premium budget devices and the trend is set to continue in 2018 with the mid-range devices getting more features.
This is also the year when Microsoft departed from the phone ecosystem and again took a tiny step back in with x86 on ARM. However, Android devices will still rule 2018 with iOS in the second position. All eyes will be towards Samsung as they are set to release the Galaxy S9. Google and also the newly acquired HTC will release the next Pixel device. Huawei is working on the camera as well as AI department whereas Sony may make something unique in the design department.
Here are some of the rumours and some of the facts about the upcoming flagships of 2018

Nokia 9

Starting with Nokia, we know that HMD Global is planning the release of a new device that will be above the Nokia 8. It will come with dual camera setup with Zeiss lenses. It will also come with a larger OLED screen, and it is a probability that the screen will be curved.
Last time Nokia and Zeiss partnered, they made a monstrous 41-megapixel camera that was on Nokia 808 PureView. Word on the street is that they are already working on something like that in the camera department. Besides that. Nokia 9 will also feature a barely touched version of Android that will be updated regularly.

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Huawei P11

The P11 may feature a tri-camera setup and may be the first phone to do so. The P11 may be launched in the MWC 2018. Huawei’s partnership with Leica seems to be right on track. The tri lens camera, according to rumours, will feature hybrid optical zoom and will come with a 40MP sensor. The front camera will have a 20MP camera. The P11 may be camera focused, but it will also come with massive improvements over AI.
The phone will certainly come with the in-house developed Kirin 970 CPU. Huawei generally provides the mainstream phones with the same chip that was provided in the previous Huawei Mate devices.

Google Pixel 3

Google Pixel 3 will be developed with the help of HTC his year. We are expecting Pixel 3 to have OLED screen that will be made by Samsung and not LG. We can also expect an edge to edge screen on the Pixel 3. Google has a long history with HTC when it comes to making great phones. HTC U11 comes with Edge Sense, something that we would like to see in the new Pixel 3.
With HTC U11 having a great low light camera, it is expected the Pixel 3 to have similar or even better camera performance. Pixel 2 had a great camera, but low light performance suffered. With HTC’s expertise, we can expect the Pixel 3 to come with better camera and ergonomics.

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LG V40

The V30+ is an absolute powerhouse. It comes with great cameras, a dedicated DAC and shot 4K videos in LOG format for colour correcting. However, all the features on the V30+ were not up to the mark. The HDR video recording was dodgy and the OLED screen has serious issues.
LG will have to prove everything on MWC 2018, followed by the release of LG G7.

Sony Xperia

Sony Xperia devices have followed similar design trend in the recent past. Most of their devices had a similar look and feel. However, Sony aims to shake things up with the launch of their next Xperia phone. A Xperia XZ2 Premium was spotted online having a 5.7in 4K HDR display. This means that the bezels would be shrunk down a lot. Not much has been revealed yet, but it should also have a top-notch Snapdragon Soc.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Note 9

The Galaxy S9 has a lot to live up to. Samsung delivered a lot when it came to the S8 and hence, a lot more is being expected from the brand. In terms of design, the Galaxy S9 and the Note 9 is rumoured to look similar to the previous generation, but the only major difference will be the switch to dual camera setup.

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OnePlus 6

The OnePlus 6 is set to arrive in June or July, with whatever Snapdragon CPU is the latest and the best at that point. OnePlus 6 may seem major upgrades in the camera and screen department. The screen may get QHD resolution.

iPhone 9

Apple killed off the iPhone X this summer because of poor sales. The iPhone X had a ridiculously high price. The iPhone 9 or whatever Apple decides to call it, would come with a lot of the features of the iPhone X, minus the notch on the iPhone X.

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