This Year 30 June Will Have 61 Seconds in Minute- a Leap Second

61 seconds in a minute. Have you ever heard it? Well, this is going to occur on 30 June 2015. On this day, our earth is going to experience 1 sec extra in its time schedule.  This event is really a weird event. This is known as “leap second”.

Leap second is going to occur due to the gravitational dynamism between the Sun and the Earth.

Among the world’s 7.5 billion people, only a few people are aware of this fact. Moreover, even a fewer of them planned as to what to do with this extra second.

Leap second

Though, this event is not relevant for the general people throughout the world, but it is crucial for the World of Astrology. An increase in 1 second means a lot in one’s life, according to astrology.

However, this event is not that important that needs a change in your wristwatch. It is primarily important for those who are using the super-duper time-pieces, like those using the frequency of atoms.

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Why do we need leap seconds?

The rotation of our Earth is slowing down gradually. This entails the requirement of adding a leap second to a minute.

Leap second

How frequently are leap seconds added?

Since 1972, 25 seconds are added. This increase in seconds says clearly that the rotational speed of the Earth was reduced to 25 seconds compared to the atomic time since 1972.

But this data does not mean that the duration of each day is increased by 25 seconds. The fact is only the days that have leap seconds, have 86,401 seconds instead of 86,400 seconds.

The International Earth Rotation and Reference System Service (IERS) in Paris, France decide as to when the leap second will be added. By observing the Earth’s rotation, they decide the day when the leap second will be inserted.

Leap second

So have you decided how to enjoy this extra second of your life? Not always, this extra second comes in our life. But when it comes, we must rejoice and give life an extra chance to love others.

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