Tom Cruise Net Worth, Bio

One of Hollywood’s jewels and a trendy celebrity in the industry after a shining career in movies would be, of course, Tom Cruise. Yes, this amazing Actor as well as producer has gone on to achieve quite some fame in the industry, and hence more and more people want to know about Tom Cruise Net Worth for sure. So, in this article, we are going to clear all the doubts that you have an answer to all your questions for sure. Well, the total net worth of Tom Cruise is about $570 million, which is quite a lot when compared to the other Hollywood stars for sure.

Early Career Of Tom Cruise


With a plethora of Blockbuster movies throughout his career, Tom Cruise is easily one of the most celebrated actors of all time. Tom Cruise did spend his early childhood years, moving from one place to another and then had a brief career in Canada as well. The Actor always had a passion for acting and after being out of the wrestling team due to an accident; Tom Cruise found his love for acting and joined the drama club to hone his skills.

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The first big break that Tom Cruise got was his movie names Risky Business which was released in the year 1983. This is the movie which made Cruise the fantastic star that he is today. So, now that you have some idea about the Actor let us go ahead and talk about Tom Cruise Net Worth in Forbes. According to that, Tom Cruise makes it on the list of the richest actors in the world, and he might occupy one of the top positions on the list as well.

Tom Cruise And Salary, Net Worth

Some of the bigger hits that Tom Cruise has given the industry are Top Gun that grossed about $3566 million all over the world and most of the Mission Impossible movies which grossed nearly $457 million. The Last Samurai, Shattered Glass and The Others were some of his other hits. To this date, more than 20 movies of Tom Cruise have grossed more than $100 million each all over the world. All of that success has made Cruise a rich man.

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Starting from a salary of $75,000 for the movie Risky Business, the Actor has moved to a salary of about $50 million per year along with his career. Now that is quite a lot of money, to be honest.

Tom Cruise Assets And Investments

Apart from that, Cruise is also the co-owner of a production company known as Cruise/Wagner Production, and that is where he gets some of his profits from. Let us have a look at the real estate belongings of Tom Cruise.

Cruise owns a $35 million mansion located in Beverly Hills. Also, there is a $30 million estate in Telluride, Colorado, which is owned by Tom Cruise. Along with that, the Actor also has a condo apartment in New York City, the estimated cost of which is supposed to be $3 million. The actor also owns a Bugatti Veyron which is the fastest car in the world along with a Porsche 911, which is estimated to be $200,000. The Actor also has 2 private jets.

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So, that is all you need to know about Tom Cruise Net Worth 2020 and tom cruise bio. We hope you got all information about your favorite actor.

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