Top 10 Global Pandemics In History

There is no exact definition for Pandemic. When an infectious disease is widely spread through the world at the same time, it is denoted as a pandemic. Like the recent pandemic Covid-19, there also the occurrence of pandemics has seemed history of humankind.

Most Dangerous Global Pandemics

The Antonine Plague


At the age of around 165 A.D, an unknown disease caused millions of deaths at the same time centring Roman. It is to be told that the disease was carried by the Roman soldiers who are returning from West Asia. It is also renowned as The Great Plague of Galen.

The Justinian Plague

By destroying three continents, including Egypt and Rome, it is known that the Justinian Plague around 541 A.D is very dangerous and desolated the whole Byzantine Empire. Scientists and Researchers said from the analysis of the human bones; fleas and rats caused the disease from the cargo ships and harbors.

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The Black Death:

From the same type of carriers like Rats and Flees, a Bubonic Plague was landed around 1350, causing the highest amount of deaths in the history of humankind. It mainly has struck in Africa, Europe, and Asia.

The Third Cholera Pandemic:

At around 1855, it is the third time and the most deadly widespread of cholera that caused death over millions of people in India, North America, England, and Russia. Arising from The Ganges stationed in India, the bacterial disease spread, exceeding the bounds and infected people.

The Sixth Cholera Pandemic:(1910)

Within the seven highest of cholera pandemic, this specific one has a more dangerous threat. This time the bacterial infection has spreading through more outboundedly in the Middle East, Russia, Europe and Africa.

The Great Russian Flu:(1889)

With symptoms like body aches, fever, cough, the Asiatic Flu is caused by influenza A type virus. This particular deadly disease killed over a million people around the world.

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The Spanish Flu:(1912)

This type of flu is also caused by influenza A but with subtype H1N1. It is first showed up in Europe, the United States, and a small part of Asia before widespread over the world. It killed over five million people.

The Asian Flu:(1956)

First identified in China, this deadly disease had spread over the world by killing a large number of people. Influenza A also causes this type of flu with subtype H2N2.

The HongKong Flu:(1968)

Also known as the 1968 flu, this Pandemic was caused by the H3N2 subtype part of the Influenza type A virus. The death toll during the Pandemic was about a million and was a threat to history.

HIV Or AIDS Pandemic:(2005-2012)

With killing over thirty million people from the 1980s, this Pandemic was at its peak in 2005. HIV causes it with symptoms like fever, diarrhea, Pneumonia, etc.


There were many times in history when humankind was attacked by several deadly pandemics that changed history, but now learning from them meds, and several way outs are prepared to save us.

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