Top 10 most popular Disney characters of all time

Disney is one of the biggest entertainment conglomerates of all time. It is the most popular entertainment company and has been around for ages. In all these years, Disney has created so many beautiful and memorable characters. Every single one of these characters is unique, and most of us know them since they have been a significant part of our childhood. From Mickey Mouse to captain jack Sparrow, each one of these characters has intrigued our imagination and our youth so much. Here are the top 10 Disney characters of all time.

Mickey Mouse


Mickey Mouse is one of the earliest animation characters created by Disney and is also one of the funniest. We have all watched the animated series of Mickey Mouse when we were children. It is also the official mascot of the Disney Company. Mickey Mouse was the beginning of the legacy that Disney created with its characters, and that’s why it will always stay as one of the most popular characters of all time.

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Donald Duck

It is another one of the most famous cartoon character creations by Walt Disney Productions. This character stayed at par with Mickey mouse and has entertained the public for ages. It is an anthropomorphic duck who is white, along with a slight orange bill, feet, and legs. The animated character usually wears a sailor shirt along with a bow tie and cap.


Everybody knows the character Genie. Genie is the jhin who we see in the Aladdin series and books and is a funny, pale blue character with magical powers and along for friendship.

Snow White

The Snow fight is one of the most famous fictional characters derived from one of the first-ever films of Disney, Snow White, and the Seven Dwarves. Snow White is the first-ever Disney Princess created and also the only one to have Hollywood Walk of Fame Star.


Goofy is an animal character that was created alongside Mickey Mouse and has starred in that series for a long time. The character is an anthropomorphic black dog who usually wears a vest and turtle neck along with shoes, pants, and white gloves along with a very tall hat, which was primarily designed as a fedora.

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Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

This is an animated anthropomorphic rabbit cartoon which was created by Walt Disney. This rabbit starred in several animated films and quickly became one of the most popular characters on TV. Oswald came even before Mickey Mouse. After the removal of Oswald the Rabbit, the animated character of Mickey Mouse was born.


We all know about The Lion King. Over the years, there have been so many films on Lion Kings that it has become a very popular series in the entertainment industry. From childhood, people know about the Lion King story. Simba is the main character in this story and a fairly loved one.


Queen Elsa is another very popular Disney Princess and has recently risen to even greater fame due to the film series of Frozen.

Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell is a fictional character from the Peter Pan series and is also one of the most popular animated characters. You can still see the animation on various merchandise to date.

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Peter Pan

Another very popular animated character is Peter pan himself from the series. You should give this book a read or see the series if you haven’t till now.


Disney has produced so many loved characters for so many years. This was the list of the most popular among them all.

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