Top 10 Recessions In The World

Any economic decrease is named as a Recession. Below there is some information about some of the recessions that occurred in history.


In the 1500s, tulips grew as a lavish item in holland. Around the 1630s, the equivalent of tulip bulbs became extremely high as a person’s yearly salary. Still, at the end of the year, the tulip market bubble bursts, and the marketing decreased that created a small recession in dutch history.

Credit Crisis(1772)


Also, renown as the panic of 1772 is a monetary crisis that occurred in London. After some time, the crisis had made a quick spread throughout the collapsing of businesses and unemployment to several parts of Europe. As a result, there began many bankrupts, and the East India Company’s stock market crashed.

Stock Crash/ The Great Depression(1929)

At the time of the 1930s, a critical economic recession took place all over the world. Starting from the US, it persisted until the end of the 1930s. A vital crashing in the stock market is the primary cause, and it is also the most extensive and most prolonged depression in history. In the effects, it caused massive unemployment, decreation of GDP, etc.

Energy Crisis(1970)

In western Europe, there was an energy crisis that took place around the 1970s due to the deficiency of petroleum. As the Iranian revolution took place, it disrupted the export of oil from the middle east so that there was a shortage, and the price ticked so high that it created a temporary recission in western Europe.

Opec Oil Crisis(1973)

With the blazoning of an oil embargo by the Arab petroleum transshipping nations for supporting Israel with the Young Kippur war, there was a devastating oil crisis that took place in the western countries. Oil price increased four times of the original

Black Monday(1987)

As of 19th October 1987, a severe stock market crash occurred that devastated the world’s financial market status. Several companies fell apart, and it all took place in one day. As of the effects, many international orders remained unfilled, and the capital transfers were stopped, Stock markets got fulfilled of losses.

Asian Crisis(1997)

With gripping South-east Asia and East Asia, a grave economic disaster had occurred in the mid of 1997. Due to the monetary crisis, it had created a fear of a world’s financial breakdown.

Dot-Com Bubble(1990)

When the internet usage was increasing at the 1990s, for limitless gambling of the internet-based companies, some stock market bubble was created. Later near the mid-2000s for an aggressive increment on the interest rate, the stock market bubble blasted, and the tech companies began to fell apart.

Energy Crisis(2000)

At around the 2000s, a global oil crash took place that created an environment for a global recession. As many western countries are trying to get better after the 1973 oil crisis, this consequence once again devasted them. Oil back priced sky-high, and a recession was created.

Global Financial Crisis (2007-2008)

The GFC or global financial crisis occurred after the devaluation of lease marketing in the US. This affected the breakdown of several investment banks and relived of budgetary organizations that created a fear-ridden global recession.


In history, humankind faced many crucial situations. It made us prepare for preventing any of these future occurrences.

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