Top 10 Restaurants In The World

Are you loved to eat and discover new restaurants? If you have a big pocket, then you go for the fine dining of the best restaurants in the world. If you are in search of the best restaurants all over the world, then here is the list of top 10 restaurants all over the world. Let’s check it out.


This restaurant is situated in NEW YORK, owned by Thomas Keller. PER SE was opened in 2004. This restaurant is known as the chef’s 2nd three Michelin property, which features the nine-course menu and vegetarian menu, which incorporates the French techniques and top-notch ingredients. In this restaurant, a meal will cost you around US$685. This restaurant has also won an award for their great collection of wine.


This situated is situated in IBIZA, Spain. It is owned by the Pace Roncero, who is Michelin 2 star, chef. This restaurant has also been awarded in 2014 as the best innovation food and beverages. They feature 20 food tasting entrees and also welcome 12 diners. The cost of the diner will be around US$2000 in SUBLIMOTION.

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The Japanese restaurant is situated in Manhattan, New York City. The Chef Masa Takayama founded this sushi restaurant in 2004. The cost of dining will be around US$ 595. If you want to visit this restaurant, you will have to book it before 3 weeks of the date of visiting.


This restaurant is situated in Drome, France. It is known as the legendary French restaurant, which was run by Anne Sophie Pic. The fine dining will cost you around US$ 445. This restaurant offers the nine-course menu.


This restaurant is located in Crissier in Switzerland. It features a menu that consists of 11 courses, which will cost you around US$ 415. The late chef Benoit and his wife Brigitte were the first ones to earn the Michelin star, and now it is a runner by Frank Giovannini.


The KITCHO was established in 1948, and it is situated in Kyoto, Japan. It has stunning dining, which will be worth remembering. It features a 10-course menu, which comprises the top-notch ingredients available. The lunch at KITCHO will cost you around US$ 359, and dinner will cost you around US$ 449

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This restaurant is particularly not known for its décor, and it is located in any basement of the office of Tokyo, Japan. This one is known for the best serving of meat from the Yakima cattle. You can get an ultimate beef experience in around US$ 370.



This is one of the finest and most adventurous restaurants you can say. It is the first underwater restaurant all over the world. This is located in Rangali Island, Maldives. It will allow you are dinning five metered under the water. It features Contemporary European Cuisine along with the match wines. The meal will cost you around US$ 320.


This restaurant is situated in the UK, London, and it features French cuisine. It is a three-star Michelin restaurant. It offers you a 7-course meal, which will cost you around $343.


This restaurant is itself rate as three-star by the Michelin stars. This restaurant is situated in Furstenau, Switzerland. It offers a very rare cuisine, and the Chef Andreas Caminada owns it. They offer a 6-course meal which will cost you around US$ 259.

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This is a list of best restaurants all over the world. If you have a craze if food and try some glamorous restaurants and their foods, then you can give a search here. You will get every idea about the restaurant.


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