Top 5 Online Threats for Teens to Watch Out For

The world is full of fright and terror. A number of points, ways, tricks, techniques are a threat to human being and how come they are threat? Definitely when they pose some harm to the person, they are a threat. Internet is a home of a number of good and bad. The battle of haves and have-nots is deliberately a lining between the threats and security. Rather at times things that appear to be safer could be randomized as a prick and harm.

Top 5 Online Threats:

This world is full of crime. At every turn there’s a threat available. Similarly the internet carries a number of threats for every age group, specially the teens. If a list of the harmful threats is populated, it would range above infinity. Rather anything good could be a threat too.

While if the 5 most harmful threats are to be counted, then the listed below are the most serious:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Predation
  • Addiction
  • Obscenity
  • Vandalism


The most developed shape of bullying is cyberbullying, which takes place using electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets. Data retrieved from a cyber-bullying watch organization 34% teens are subjected to cyber-bullying while 15% are those who admit to perform cyber-bulling.

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Despite of many technological helps in the past, the one has been pretty dominant, especially with girls. The predation (corporal) had been and is still one of the major threats. The invitation is made using the internet or the SMS. The message could be anything, a harassment phrase, reluctance, a lure or something having sex appeal.

Teenage is certainly the most vulnerable age. At this part of the life, humans face the puberty changes, which generally leave the pleasure domes of the body aggressive which could be predated by a fierce predator.

While the ratio between the boys and the girls, is 25% and 75% respectively.


Some fruitful census, end up in increasing day by day. The study shows that in 2005 just like 20% of the teens used internet while today 90 – 95% of the teens use internet and out of this category just 80 – 81% teens have accounts over social media networks such as the Facebook and twitter etc. and 20 – 24% of the teens are online almost every time. The persistent lay over the social media network has been supported by the smart phones and the tablets.

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Usually the children today appear to be pale and dull in complexion and seem to be dormant. This is because of their continuous usage of the internet and the social networking sites. It won’t be wrong to say that the youth of today is addicted to the internet.

While it has been also observed that the grades of a few students do increase after the incorporation of the usage of internet into their studies, while a number of students remain the same or even relegate.


As the teenage is corporal exposed age, it gets attracted to obscene articles in no time. Rather by the analytic surveys, it is noted that a number of college students get attracted towards the obscene articles as they provide sexual excitement.

The end results are pretty not ignorable as they are treated as a crime and a very serious punishment is awarded to its offender.

Sexual Harassment and the rape cases are caused by the obscene material over for the watch. As per some psychologists, the obscene articles do not just provide some sexual excitement to the person but also encourages his or her feel to get indulged in sexual activities, which result in such crimes.

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Children are innocent. They aren’t immune to the sugar coated words and aren’t able to judge the person whom they are chatting to.

What happens is that children come across a number of strangers daily over the internet. Sometimes they are in person while some times they are sites.

The tantalization proceeds in a way that the sugar coated candies are given to the children and their all credentials are taken away. The credentials so provided lead to vandalism which is generally based of homicide dacoit and robbery.

Remedial Acts:

Instead of putting restrictions over the children, it’s better to provide them a friendly guidance. But the point is how would the parents be known to their activities so that they may assist them in these threats? The answer is spy apps. Apps like TheOneSpy are a complete solution to all the problems of teen!


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