Top 10 Guinness World Records Of All Time

Since 1955, Guinness Book of World records has been recording some of the bizarre yet interesting world records. While each year, new records are made, some are still considered as classics. Here are some of the top ten Guinness World Records of all time:

Tallest Man Ever

Even though Robert Pershing Wadlow died 75 years back, no one is able to beat his record on being the tallest man on this planet. His height was found to be around 2.72 m or 8ft 11 inches. There are only a few people in this world who have been able to reach 8ft as Robert’s record remains unbeatable.

Most Expensive Dessert


While expensive hotels may charge you more for their services, it is nothing compared to Serendipity-3 restaurant in New York has to offer. According to Guinness World Records, they are known to serve the World’s most expensive dessert. The expensive dessert is known as The Frozen Chocolate Haute and is priced at around $25000. It contains real gold, and that is why it is so expensive.

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Most Pierced Man

Rolf Bulchoz of Germany holds the World Record as the “most pierced man’’ in this world. With over 453 piercings, no one else has been able to beat his record. The man lives in Dortmund, and you can check out his pictures online to see for yourself.

Longest Tongue

A guy named Nick StoeBerl holds the record of having the longest tongue in history. The man is also an artist as he used his tongue to paint on a canvas.

Heaviest Onion

Tony Glover boasts of growing the largest onion, weighing 8.5 kgs. Since he has been growing veggies since he was a teenager, he knows all the tricks and believes that the key is to provide nitrogen-rich supplements in a humid free environment.

Tallest Dog

Zane, a great dane from Michigan, is recorded as the tallest dog ever. His height is around 1.12 meters and is a part-time therapy dog.

The Most Amount Of Push-Ups In 24 Hours

Charles Servizio, a teacher from Massachusetts, holds the record of performing the most amounts of push-ups within 24 hours. The man performed 46001 pushups. For almost 22 years, his record has been unbeatable.

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Most Number Of Socks On Foot Within A Minute

Though it might seem weird, there is a record for putting on the highest number of socks on one foot within a minute. The number is recorded at 45 and was performed by a man named Silvio Sabba. Sabba is known to hold other records as well, such as number AA batteries that can be held in one hand.

World’s Largest Aquarium

The record for World’s largest Aquarium goes to S.E.A. aquarium, Singapore. It stores over 80,000 aquatic animals and 42.8 liters of water to house them.

Heaviest Rubber-Band Ball

The official weighing was done in Chicago, where the heaviest rubber-band ball was found. The weight was around 4594 pounds. It was successful in beating the previous record where the rubber-band ball weighed 3120 pounds.

Now that you know about all the top ten popular Guinness World Records, start searching for more. There are so many world records, and you will never get bored by looking at them!

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