Is Video Game Addiction A Mental Disorder?

Addiction is being a common health issue now these days. These issues are spreading really faster and force many to spend all of their time with the captivated things. Video game addiction is the burning subject now among many – irrespective of age this is the problem that every household face. Finally, the individual associated with the fact get affected with a mental disorder. There are many researchers; physiatrist and many notable experts who are recently looking for smoother ways for video game addiction treatment. Actually, these games create a temporary relief to the stress – an individual is suffering – thus the pent up emotions often are vented out via this addiction.

Video Games Addiction – Officially Classified As The Mental Disorder

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Kids, teens or college drop outs often love to play video games. These create loads of detrimental effects like:

  • Extensive Online Games – leads to obesity, academic deterioration, low job performance and also strains martial relations
  • Creates Low Self Esteem– if one loses in the process of gaming , again a high-end self-esteem leads to proud behavior and attitudinal problems too.
  • Often Temporary Stress Relief though concludes but in the long run this addiction – leaves the person physic while behaving with anyone in and around himself or herself.

Clinical physiologists reveal if the person is busy with video games for a longer span of time then it is sure that the individual would surely lose mental control. Such people may soon need the help of video game addiction treatment from experts.

Are There Types In Video Game Addiction?

video game addiction, game facts, substance abuse recovery games, depression and addiction, video game addiction test, I just want to play video games,

Yes, there are two different types of addictions in case of video game playing. The first one is related to the single mode players. In this type of addiction, the player is addicted in beating the highest scores and even is a death addict as per the game. If there are mission such as achieving a goal or rescuing the princess or similar, the player tries to beat his own scores or time taken in completing such quests and these people surely need video game addiction treatment.

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The second types to get video game addiction treatment are people who are into multiplayer mode of video gaming. In this kind of addiction, the player starts living the virtual online character that he or she has created for the game. Most of the times, they get cut off from the real world and they start relationships and connections with other online characters or other virtual players and consider game facts to the real facts.

Often such addiction of both single player mode and multiple player modes takes place when the players are thinking only about the game. Today there are games with attractive visuals and adventurous challenges. The game developers want more and more players to get addicted to the game so that they can have more amount of profit. But sometimes the addiction gets so much higher that it gets converted into a mental disorder and this is when you need to go for a video game addiction treatment.

Many people these days get addicted to such games. But players who have nothing else important to do apart from just playing such game only may get affected by such mental disorder.

Symptoms Of Video Game Addiction

It is not always possible to understand whether a person is getting addicted to a game or not or whether the person needs video game addiction treatment or not. It may also happen that the person likes playing the game but is actually not addicted to it. There are some symptoms and signs that can help in knowing about whether the person is addicted to video games or not so that they can be taken for gaming addiction treatment.

  • Emotional Symptoms:
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video game addiction, game facts, substance abuse recovery games, depression and addiction, video game addiction test, I just want to play video games,

When the addiction is leading to a mental disorder, it may show up emotional symptoms such as:

  1. Irritation or restlessness when the game is not available,
  2. Always thinking about the actions in the game,
  3. Cutting off from friends and family to play games.
  • Physical Symptoms:

The emotional symptoms and the mental impact also take a toll on the health. Some of the physical symptoms are:

  1. High level of fatigue,
  2. A Headache that may lead to migraine
  3. Carpal tunnel symptom that takes place due to overusing of the computer mouse,
  4. Lack of hygiene maintenance.
  • Long Term Effects:

Apart from these symptoms, there are many long term effects also of the addiction. Some of such long term effects are:

  1. Ignorance of food, water and sleep may lead to health issues that can be serious in future,
  2. Continuous playing of game can also lead to damage of the eyes,
  3. Other important activities such as education, work and relationships get destroyed in a very bad way.

Self Assessment And Medication

The best way to get a video game addiction test or to assess it is to notice the above-mentioned symptoms in them. Also sometimes sudden loss or gain of weight and dark circles under the eye can lead to a doubt. Normally these people will never say directly that I just want to play video games but will make up excuses to get cut off from other people to devote time to their gaming.

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Addiction is already a mental disorder. If it increases, it can lead to even higher issues. Normally, as per many sites such as the, many experts prescribe the medicine Bipropion for such video game addiction treatment. This particular medicine helps in getting a chemical change in the brain and hence decreases the craving of playing games.

video game addiction, game facts, substance abuse recovery games, depression and addiction, video game addiction test, I just want to play video games,

But it is always needed to cross check with a proper medical expert or a doctor before starting such medicines for video game addiction treatment. There can be a number of side effects that may lead to some other serious problems. Some of the side effects of the medicine Bipropian can be:

  • Dry mouth,
  • Drowsiness,
  • Itching,
  • Excessive amount of sweating,
  • Fever,
  • Itching.

There are many cases where it has been found that the players take anti-depressant pills in order to deal with the addiction symptoms.  When you fetch a doctor for video game addiction treatments, it is important to speak out about such medicine. Though experts say that anti-depressant pills are not harmful, but when taken along with some other medicines, it can cause side effects. It is because depression and addiction together may cause a higher issue.

Also these days there are some substance abuse recovery games prescribed to get recovered from such addictions.

Video game addiction is a major problem in today’s world, especially in teenagers. With the increasing number of video games flooding in the gaming market, the problem of addiction is also getting increased.

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