Vivaldi Web Browser Can Now Control Philips Hue Light Bulbs

Vivaldi Web BrowserVivaldi Web Browser, built by the engineers who used to work at Opera, can now be used to control your home and office lights. Vivaldi has partnered with Philips and is integrated with Smart Home to do so.

Vivaldi, a hugely underrated browser was built on the same principles that Opera was designed to be. Vivaldi Web Browser is designed to be extremely customizable, since the user of any PC uses the browser if not anything. Vivaldi is advertised to be a browser that will suit the user’s needs. It sports features like Speed Dials, Web Panels, Notes, Rewind, Visual tables, Tab Stack Tiling and a fully customizable interface. Vivaldi also supports Chrome addons and with the new release, they just took Vivaldi’s capabilities a bit further with the light control feature.

Bringing the Web into the Physical World

Those who has used Vivaldi will know that the web browser takes the color of the page that is currently loaded. This makes the browser blend in well with the website. Using a similar technology, the color is chosen and based on what page you are on, Vivaldi will change the color of the light bulbs.

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Right at this moment, Vivaldi works well with Philips Hue – a product well known to work with a lot of other IoT devices. Vivaldi is the first browser to integrate the web into the physical space. In future versions, Vivaldi can also send notifications such as a new incoming mail using a light signal. Vivaldi uses the Chromium engine, the same engine that powers the open source Chromium web browser, and also Google Chrome. Head to to take it for a spin.

Vivaldi Web Browser is now at version 1.5. Besides the light trick, there are also other new updates and performance fixes under the hood. For more information, see the video below.


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