Want to Fall Asleep Faster? Here Are Some Apps to Help.

A lot of us have difficulty in sleeping. Some genuinely suffer from insomnia, others have an unhealthy lifestyle that they cannot avoid. Difficulty in falling asleep also comes from the surrounding you are in. Without good sleep, not only will you feel groggy in the morning, but it will also take a toll on your health in the long run.

Falling asleep fast can be achieved if you have some good habits. This includes dimming the lights hours before you get to bed, using soft and warm lights, avoiding screen time as much as possible. Also, exercising helps a lot. These habits genuinely have no good alternatives, but if you want can’t do any of these, you can have a look at these apps that will help you sleep better.

Most of these apps work by generating white noise. White noise is the noise generated when all the frequencies are played at the same intensity. It is something similar to what the radio sounds like when it is not tuned at all. These sounds can often be modulated to be more soothing and block out distractions.

So, get yourself a pair of comfortable headphones, plug it in, and try out these apps.


Shhh… is one of the simplest apps out there. This app only generates white noise and comes with a predefined timer. There’s nothing to configure on this app. Just plug in your headphones and select what kind of sleep you are hoping for – a power nap, a good night’s sleep or a flight sleep.

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Based on that, this app will play white noise over your headphones. The sound source changes over times and provides a calming effect. There is no wake-up timer, but according to user reviews, the app works surprisingly well. It’s a simple and effective app.

Get it now from the Google Play Store.

White Noise Generator

As the name implies, the app generates White Noise. Now, white noise can be of many types. The sound of the rain, the sound of a breeze, or fan – these all count as white noise. These sounds of nature are really soothing.

White Noise Generator contains a bunch of samples of natural sounds that you can mix and match to create your very own white noise. There are also a bunch of presets that you can use to generate white noise. There’s one for concentration, one for sleep and so on.

The app is free but ad-supported. Get it from the Google Play Store.


Another highly rated sleep app is called Sleepo. Sleepo also allows you to mix sounds and comes with a better user interface. The entire app is designed using soft pastel colour, comes with a custom timer, a system volume control and more.

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Sleepo is a little more feature-filled than White Noise Generator and also has a higher rating at the time of writing this article. With a 4.8 rating, it is also one of the highest rated apps. So, go ahead and try out Sleepo from the Google Play Store.

Sleep sounds

Another sleep focused white noise generator is called Sleep Sounds. Also, with a 4.8 rating, Sleep Sounds come with a straightforward UI. There are tons of sound samples that you can play from. You have sounds like refreshing rain, rain in the forest, rainforest, vivid creek, autumn woods, evening beach, airplane sounds, train sounds, rain on the windshield, cave sounds, soothing night, winter cottage and more.

You simply open the app, select a sound, set a timer and you are done. You can download Sleep Sounds for Google Play Store.

Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android is slightly more than a simple white noise generator and mixer. Sleep as Android is also a sleep tracker and comes with puzzles that allow you to wake up faster. Sleep as Android uses the sensors on your phone to track your sleep and wakes you up when you are experiencing light sleep.

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Sleep as Android is not a simple and straightforward app, but it trades its simplicity for functionality. You can check out Sleep as Android on Google Play Store.

Other ways to get to sleep

One of the best ways to fall asleep faster is through good soothing music that blocks out other distractions. If you do not like white noise, you can try out these music albums.

Sleep by Max Richter

Max Richter, the famous composer who worked on the movie Arrival composed this 8-hour long album for a deep and restful slumber. For these 31 uninterrupted pieces, Richter accepts the extraordinary challenge of not only aiding sleep but also translating the act into art. If you listen to while you’re awake, many of these pieces conjure dreamy states, where ideas seem fluid and flexible and the world around you seems somehow softer.

Songs by the Tumbled Sea

Less than an hour long, these relaxing piano pieces will help you fall asleep given you are feeling a little tired. Available freely on YouTube, this is the perfect piece for power naps.

Weightless by Macaroni Union

When it comes to relaxing music, this one tops the list. According to this DailyMail’s article, this one really helps in falling asleep.

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