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Watching movies is one of the most common things people do around the world to pass there time. Everyone loves to watch movies. If you have a knack for Bollywood movies, then you must be looking for a perfect place to stream or download them. But, you do not have to worry anymore now you can download full HD Bollywood movies download 1080p. These websites let you stream or download your favorite Bollywood movies completely free. These websites are also a great option if you want to watch Bollywood movies online. These sites are one of the best in its way. They have a vast collection of movies. From the latest to old movies, these Bollywood movies download sites have it all. You can now download or watch Bollywood movies online free on these websites, on your phone, laptop, or PC. These websites are compatible with multiple devices or platforms. One of the best reasons to use these sites is that they are easy to use. Anyone can use them. Even if you do not know much about computers, you will be easily able to download these movies.

Why use these sites?


If you are still confused about using these sites, then let’s have a look at the positive sides of these sites. One of the many reasons is that these sites have the best Bollywood movies of all time. This is a great way to watch all the old as well as the latest movies. If you do not get the time to go to a theatre to catch a screening of a movie that you were waiting for. Now you do not have to rely upon a single app to stream or download your movies. You can now download movies from these Bollywood movies download sites. These sites have the best-pirated version of your favorite movies or the ones you have in your watchlist. Another reason for choosing these sites is that you do not have to pay a single penny throughout the process. These sites let you watch Bollywood movies online free. You can easily download any of the Bollywood movies that you want; these sites have a vast collection of movies. You can watch or download any of the movies, old or new. Not just movies, some of the sites have a vast collection of series as well. The huge library of web series and TV series of these sites will surely keep you hooked to them. One problem with all these sites is that they are all torrent sites, so you have to keep on changing the VPN, as the government tries to ban these sites. You can start by downloading any of your favorite movies that you want, or you can also begin downloading any of the series that you want. So, watch Bollywood movies online today by using one of these popular websites.

Features of these sites

No matter where we invest our efforts, time, and energy, we like to know what are the features of it. The same happens when you try to use a new site. These sites to download the best Bollywood movies are no exception. You should know what the features these websites are deciding to provide you with and then invest your time in these websites are. Here are some of the features that you must check –

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Huge library

These websites have a huge library of Bollywood movies. From old to the latest, they have it all. You can start by searching the index of Bollywood movies 2019. You can also start by searching the list of 2013 Bollywood movies if you want to relive the magic of that era. These websites also have a huge list of 2015 Bollywood films. If you just want to catch up with movies released three years back, you can check out the list of 2017 Bollywood films. These sites have a huge collection, and you can get almost any movie that you want on these websites. Even though Bollywood has released thousands of movies, but you can still find any of the movies from this website.

User friendly

One of the many reasons to use these websites is that they are user friendly. You do not have to be a pro on the computer; you can just visit these websites and start downloading the movies that you want. No matter what site you are using, you will look for how user friendly it is. These sites are built to make it easy for users to download movies. The sites lead you to download the movies that you want. Thus, downloading movies from these websites are as simple as walking in the park.

Home page

One of the essential things on which our first impression is built on is the ‘home page’ of any website. The home page for these websites works like the cover of any book or trailer of movies. We make an opinion by just going through the home page of any website. For these Bollywood movie downloading website, you can go through the home page and be amazed by the clarity of the home page. They are crystal clear. But, one problem with all these websites is that they are sponsored by a lot of companies and agencies. Thus you will have to face a lot of ads. But, other than that, your experience is sure to be great.

Various tools 

When it is about user-friendliness, these websites have topped in it. These websites are specially designed to provide you with the best and advanced tools available. You can be easily able to use these websites. You can easily search for any content that you like by the filters and the sort by options provided here. As these sites have huge libraries, these tools help you to find out any movie or series that you want quickly. If you are looking through the index of Bollywood movies 2019, you can set your preference in the filter option or the sort by the option to reach to the content that you want. Will you like to scroll down to the bottom when you are produced with a long list of movies? The answer will be a straight ‘no.’ this is when these tools come to save you. Just set them according to your preference, and you are done.

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Awesome filters 

These websites have one of the best filters. As Bollywood has numerous movies, it is hard to find the one that you may like. This is when you would feel the need for a filter. You can find the movie that you want once you set the filter right. This feature comes in handy of those who have not decided which movie to watch. You can set the feature according to the genre, movie timing, and other filters available. This will help you reach to the movies that you would like to watch. These filters have also helped the websites to become fast.

Content quality 

These websites provide you with the facility of full HD Bollywood movies download a 1080p option. Now, you can wave goodbye to the hall-print camera versions of movies. No matter how old or the latest movie you are looking for, you can surely find the best quality on this website. Even if you want to download the low-quality version, you can do that by setting your preference. With the help of these websites, you do not have to worry about the quality of the movies.

Other features 

Another great feature that is worth mentioning, again and again, is that you will have access to all of these websites completely free. No matter whether you download or watch online, you do not have to pay any money for that. Now, you do not have to pay monthly rental, which adds up to a huge amount of money at the end of the year. You can watch Bollywood movies online for free. Most of the apps that charge you do not have unlimited movie collection, but these sites provide you with a huge number of movies.

How to access the website if it is blocked?

One of the main problems with these websites is that they get banned by the government. However, there are plenty of options. If you cannot find one site, you can surely jump to the other. But, in case you do not want to switch from the website you have always used, here is a way that you can access it. You can download or change your VPN. Follow these steps to change or download a VPN –

On the computer 

  • You need to download chrome if you do not have it. You can simply download chrome from any of the browsers that you are using and install it.
  • You have to use a VPN extension. You can start with the best VPN that you can find. You can check out the list and find one that you like.
  • Once you have downloaded the VPN, your next step will be to install it. You need to set up the VPN according to your location. Make it location-specific.
  • This is when you have a new IP. Now you can quickly get access to the website even if the government bans it.
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On the phone 

  • You need to download a VPN to access some of these websites.
  • After you have successfully downloaded the VPN, you need to change the location of it.
  • After you have changed the location of your phone, you have to check the IP address of your phone as well.
  • Once you have followed all the steps, you will have easy access to any of the websites that you want.

What are the categories of these websites?

This section is also like the filter section of any website. The websites have divided their list of movies into categories that make it easier for anyone to find the movies that they want to watch. These categories are :

Movie quality 

Many of the users try to void downloading high-quality movies if they have a shortage of space or have low internet balance. For such situations, you can choose the video quality of the movie before you start to search for the movies that you want. these sites have categorized its content into 480p, 720p and 1080p. You might also find a category where they have organized the movie according to the file size. You can get the best Bollywood movies of all time in a huge range of video quality.

Most recommended 

This is one of the categories that are useful when you want to download when you want to watch a good movie. This category can be found on many of the websites; this helps you to choose the right movie to watch.


This is the most important category that everyone looks for in a movie downloading website. However, these sites have categorized it in the most fines way, you can click o the genre that you want, and you will be produced with the movies. Here are some of the genres that you might get–

  1. Action & Adventure
  2. Adventure
  3. Animation
  4. B grade movies
  5. Bollywood Movies
  6. Romance
  7. Comedy
  8. Romantic comedy
  9. Crime
  10. Drama
  11. Horror
  12. Thriller

Year of release

You can also find movies under the list of 2017 Bollywood films, and you will be produced by the list of movies released in that year. You can also search with a list of 2013 Bollywood films if you want to download or watch movies of the year 2013. If you want to watch or download movies that have released five years from now, you can search for a list of 2015 Bollywood films.


You can now download your favorite movies from these websites. Though this is a great way to save a lot of money, you have to be careful while using them, this is because they contain pirated movies and are illegal sites.

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