What Happens When You Die- Have You Ever Thought of This

Have you ever wondered what happens when you die? Whether there is any other world, where you will reincarnate or will there be no life left once you bid a final adieu to the earth? These questions have been trembling human minds since time immemorial, as the destination after death still continues to be the most unfathomable territory in the entire universe.

Words of caution from family & friends

The chances are high that you have been made to believe from your childhood that there are only two places, where you would end up with your demise. These are – Heaven and Hell. If you are a good person with having generous characteristics like helping others selflessly, you will spend your afterlife in Heaven. Any sinful trait within you whereas will shove you to Hell, where you would have to experience a nightmarish time forever.

What science says about it

What happens when you die– has been a conundrum for scientists too, who have been trying to decipher this mystery over the years. Studies by Dr. Ian Stevenson, Dr. Michael Newton, and Hameroff although indicate the possibility of reincarnation, the lack of concrete facts disprove the speculations. The researchers of Southampton University too had assumed that there is life after death, but the absence of absolute evidence hinders the assumption from reaching a firm ground.

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The verdict of mythology

The holy books too more or less support the prospect of reincarnation of souls. The probability of re-birth is being bolstered by hypothetical views and speculations in the mythological explanations. However, the lack of logical substance engenders a gap between the myth and the unknown reality. This somehow debunks the theory as a whole.

Beliefs from the spiritual world

Some spiritual-tales assert that souls after death move to a zone called – ‘Region of the Dead’ after leaving the linkages of earthly life. Remarkably, few spiritual beliefs also expound that human body consists of a physical body and an auric body (believed to be a psychic counterpart), which are connected together by a linkage termed as ‘Silver Cord’. When it gets broken during the time of death, it is not possible either for the physical body to exist or for the soul to repeat the course of life.

Other speculations

It is widely believed that even after death, the soul remembers everything of the life and for this attachment, it seeks connection with any other human body to regain its state. The soul, regarded as the immortal part in human beings, has an affinity towards life and as such it remains in search for connections to experience the earthly life again.

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It is also believed that human beings after death turn into some blood-curdling invisible creatures, popularly known as ‘Ghosts’, courtesy the spooky effect of horror films. The concept of ghosts appears fictitious in this hi-tech world, though. However, opinion about the transformation of human beings into spirits after death still dwells in many.

Review from various ideas

Altogether, with different explanations speaking about different beliefs, the mystery – What happens when we die might remain as an unsolved question for years to come. Nobody has seen what happens after death and thereby it is not possible to draw any conclusion till the time science and technology or any other similar thing decodes the most cryptic code of nature.

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