What is Video9.in? Features, Categories and Alternatives


Everyone enjoys free content. Whatever it can be, free motion pictures, games, web series, music, etc. There are mainly two types of online streaming services. Either there are legitimate ad-supportive free services or pirated websites that provide cost-effective content for free of cost.

There are many countries where people cannot spend over entertainment purposes, and free entertainment services help them a lot. Video9.in is one of the kind of pirated websites that provides free Bollywood movies, music videos, Tollywood contents, Hollywood movies, etc. But as per piracy rules, Google blocked its main domain, but it can be accessible with its secondary proxy servers.

What Is Video9.In?


Video9.in is nothing but a pirated website that provides frequent, free content. Services they provide are available in various languages. Bollywood Hindi motion pictures, songs, music videos, Bengali music videos as well as English contents are also available on this website.

A massive number of people use mobile devices nowadays so that this specific website was designed to best viewed in mobile devices. The user interface is mobile-friendly; also, the website features are straightforward to access and understandable by any of the visitors.

But the primary domain of video9.in is blocked by Google, and it created many other proxy domains like,

  • video9.info
  • video9.org
  • video9.biz
  • 1video9.org

By which users can access the contents they provide, and because of piracy, the secondary domains are also sometimes tried to blocked by Google’s security.

Features Of Video9 Website

As the design of this website is targeted mainly for mobile devices, the features of the video9.in are quite simple. The features are described below,

  • Access To All:-Being Pirated, all contents of this website are available for free. Also, there is no prohibition of usage on any of the contents of this website. One can access all of the materials available on this website.
  • Feed:- On the home page, the latest uploads are shown in a user personalized newsfeed by which the user can get directly download it.
  • Organized Contents:- Contents provided on this website are organized adequately in some simple categories followed by some sub-categories, by which the users do not feel confused and get the targeted content fast.
  • Simple UI:- The simple user interface of this particular website attracts a massive number of viewers and also understandable by anyone.
  • Fast Servers:- The provided contents are hosted on some specialized fast servers by which the website got viral last year.
  • Quality Content:- All the contents of this website are available in various qualities like 480p, 720p HQ. Also, some of the contents are in low quality for downloading in slow connection speed.
  • Mobile-Friendly:- This website is specifically targeted for mobile users, and also it has successfully created a mobile-friendly website that runs very fast.
  • Mobility/Speed:- The optimization of this website is such good that in slow internet speed that the site works very fast compared to others.
  • Direct Access:- Direct access to the contents is provided. No sign-in or registration process is required.
  • Offline Usage:- For offline usage, visitors of this website can download the contents without any hesitation.
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Categories in Video9.in

Video9.in has a large amount of content library uploaded on its website. To accurately organize it, the specific site Categorised its contents in a simple way where each category have their very own few sub-categories. An example is provided below,

  • Videos

    • Hindi Videos
    • English Videos
    • Bengali Videos
  • Music

    • English Music
    • Bengali Music
    • Hindi Music
  • Movies

    • Hindi Dubbed Motion Pictures
    • Bengali Motion pictures
    • HQ MP4 Motion pictures
    • 300mb Films
    • Bollywood Films
    • Hollywood Contents


As we have discussed earlier, Being a pirated website, the primary domain of this website has been blocked. The users who have been using this service are always in search of the best alternatives available. There is a large number of websites like this are available where also the same type of service is offered. Some of the information about the sites are mentioned below,


Rdxhd is a common name in terms of the pirated websites available on the internet. The services offered by this website are also not entirely different from video9.in. Users can download or stream an unlimited number of Hindi movies, web series, English movies, dubbed movies, TV serials, etc.

All the contents on this website are updated regularly to the latest. Also, the quality of the materials is super excellent compared to the other competitors available. Mainly Rdxhd is famous for its availability in a variety of languages.

It offers its service in the form of a website as well as an Android application that is entirely mobile-friendly, Users of it can access the contents without any hesitation for headaches from the app.

As piracy is being done on these websites, the results are the same. With similarity like others, this website’s primary domain is also blocked by google.


Mastihot is another website that offers services like unlimited streaming and downloading of their content for free.

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What makes this specific site different is the availability of the hottest web series in various languages like Tamil Telugu Malayalam Hindi.

This website also stocks some of the latest Motion Pictures released. With having the quality of 720p, 1080p, Blue-ray, HDRip the site also offers low-quality services like 300mb movies, which are downloadable for slow internet connections.

Like others, this particular website is also have been blocked by Google for piracy what can be accessed through its secondary proxy domains.

It also has its very own mobile-friendly application by which the adaptability of the contents increases a lot.


This website stocks the biggest library of Motion Pictures in a massive variety of languages Like Bengali, English, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bhojpuri, Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarati, etc.

Not only Motion Pictures, but this website also provides web shows that are hosted in Amazon PrimeVideo are also available free of cost on this website, which made itself famous. It stocks various contents from various platforms like YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar also.

Khatrimaza features categorically organized materials and a mobile-friendly user interface that surely can increase the mobility and usability of it.

As it provides contents without the copyright of the owner, It is called being pirated and blocked by Google but can be accessible by several available proxy domains.


Tamil gun is a very famous well-known name in terms of releases of the latest Motion pictures at the earliest.

Motion pictures in a variety of languages are available on this website, like in Bengali, Hindi, English, but notably, it is targeted for south movies.

Apart from films, this website also offers web series from various platforms across the world. All the time of the year, the site faces enormous traffic congestion so, sometimes the link of their content doesn’t work, but they have several links for one content so that there is no problem downloading or streaming them.

This specific website also has a mobile-friendly user interface that is very fast and works even in a slow network connection.

This website is also blocked by Google but can be accessed by its secondary proxy servers.

Madras Rockers

Madrasrocker is a similar torrent website like tamilrockers, which provides the same pirated services that we are talking about today. It also stocks a large number of films, web series, Videos, songs, music, etc.

There are no restrictions about downloading on streaming contents from this website, and there is also no signup or registration required to access the materials.

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MadrasahRockeres primarily has a website as well as a mobile-friendly interface with some adequate usability to attract visitors.

Similar to the other pirated websites, it is also blocked from usage by Google for safety purposes. Still, these services always host their websites under several proxy domains to be accessed after blocking.

Apart from the pirated alternative, there and also some legitimate. It uses ad-supportive techniques to solve free contains or have some minimum subscription rates to access their contents. Some of the legal websites are named below,

  • Hotstar
  • Voot
  • SonyLiv
  • PopcornFlix
  • PrimeVideo
  • Netflix
  • Hoichoi
  • Mx Player, etc.


Is Video9.In Legitimate To Use?

Ans:-As this website offers several old and new Motion Pictures for free without owners’ permission, absolutely this website is unlawful to use.

Is The Quality Of Contents Are Good At Video9?

Ans:-All over, the quality of contents is average, cause many of the videos are not available in HD on this website.

Do I Have A Risk Of Downloading Content From Video9.In?

Ans:- Yes, all the visitors that download contents from this website have risk. Not only just for getting caught downloading from a pirated site, but the downloaded content can have viruses that can affect the devices.

Why The Main Website Video9.In, Is Not Accessible Anymore?

Ans:- As this website Contains pirated materials So that by breaking the rule of copyright law, Google blocked the site from usage.


It can be dangerous downloading pirated content from this type of site, which provides copyrighted content for free. Sometimes this type of website runs a custom made script that will detect and rob all of the personal information. Sometimes also, the downloaded materials can contain viruses that can affect the devices used to download.

Downloading pirated contents is surely a condemned wrongful offense, and if caught red-handed, then it will be taken action as per the law.


Apart from the wrong sides of using pirated services, this specific website video9. In offers, an excellent speedy service compared to others, but after blocking their main domain, This service sometimes doesn’t update their content to the latest. Otherwise, this website is very useful essentially for downloading video songs, music, dubbed old films, etc. and an excellent place for those people who can’t spend much on entertainment purposes and can easily enjoy it.

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