Where does coronavirus come from/ originated?

These are the times of panic and desperation and we advise you all to stay home and not to go out as much as possible. Coronavirus or COVID-19, as we know it, it was started from China now it has spread across almost all the countries. Now you may be interested to know Coronavirus origin and how it was spread so here we are, on our blog Jumbleboo, to give you information on the spread of the coronavirus and how it was originated. This is the official guide about precautions by WHO.

During the pandemic of coronavirus, people are often heard asking where coronavirus comes from and other people saying that this virus was released by China as a bioweapon.

Is Corona Virus a Bioweapon from China?

But no, it’s not.


How Corona Virus Was Originated?

Accidents can happen anytime. And maybe the Wuhan lab scientists were working on coronavirus that accidentally spread amongst the people. However, it’s not a bioweapon to kill mankind throughout this world. It’s merely an accident that became a pandemic.

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Human history has witnessed several deadly diseases arising at different times and different eras.

We have got this pandemic in the last 700 years.

Coincidentally, every 100 years in the history of the world, has seen some pandemics. Like-

1320- The black death of Bubonic (Asia and Europe)

1420- The epidemic of the black death of the plague (Rome)

1520- Smallpox (Caribbean Islands)

1720- The great plague of Marseille (France)

2020- Coronavirus (Worldwide)

So, history repeats itself.

It is neither the carelessness nor the irresponsibility of the scientists.

Many similar viruses have been found in bats and other animals, like SARS, MERS. But were they made for creating a pandemic? No. Right?

Similarly, the novel coronavirus of 2020 spread from the north of China is just pandemic that occurred due to the sudden outbreak of novel corona.

But it will be wrong if we say that the coronavirus is a bioweapon. The social media may be too pessimistic about the research activities of this virus and trying to ascertain where coronavirus started. However, accidents can happen anytime, and this situation is the same, and no one should be blamed for it.

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The Novel SARS-CoV-2 corona that was reported to be released from Wuhan, China, and created the pandemic of Covid-19 coronavirus, were genetically analyzed. It was found that there was no relevance that the virus was genetically engineered or modified by any laboratory. So, if you ask that where coronavirus came from, it’s just a bunch of speculations that people are making, and we are yet to find out the exact answer to the question that where coronavirus came from. But if you ask that where coronavirus originated from, it’s no doubt, Wuhan in China.


So, in the end, we can say that the coronavirus origin is no surprise. The history of the earth already showed that and we should have been more careful and responsible as a human being to stop this deadly disease from spreading by creating social distance instead of blaming the scientists who were working on it in the laboratories. Meanwhile, please stay home and read about nutrition with articles like this to stay healthy.

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