Will coronavirus be gone by summer?

Many speculations have been laid that corona virus can not survive in summer as it is quite hot in India. But is this really true? or it is just a rumor which people have assumed by themselves and started spreading across all over the country. We are here to give you information about the whole situation and confirm whether corona virus will be gone by summer and what will happen in the future.


The USA President Donald Trump is optimistic, and he says that coronavirus will be gone by summer-like other flu and colds. However, experts after research have doubted the fact to some extent. They think that the warmer temperature in the northern hemisphere may lessen the pandemic spread of covid-19 coronavirus, as the virus will have less ability to infect the people. However, it won’t be entirely eradicated by this year, spring or summer. Read about corona virus origin here.

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Recent research in China reveals that with the increase of each degree of temperature and each percent of humidity, the covid-19 spread goes down. So, it can be said, according to some Chinese scientists, that coronavirus will end in summer. Though we are not sure about the ultimate outcome of this deadly and contagious covid-19 coronavirus effects and if coronavirus will die out.

But the factor to be considered here is, coronavirus can mutate like other viruses. And many people say that the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus has modified its genome and became this fatal and contagious covid-19 coronavirus. However, most of the scientists are not convinced by this saying.

The most aggressive type of coronavirus is the ‘L’ type that has reduced since January. Currently, the type of Covid-19 coronavirus that is spreading is of ‘S’ type. Due to the social quarantine and self-isolation method, maybe the L type of covid-19 coronavirus didn’t get much scope to dictate the death of the people much aggressively.

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However, researches are going on. Whatever we are coming to know, or hearing, are all based on speculations. The SARS-CoV-19 has 30,000 nucleotides in it, and it modified just a few genomes. So, we are still now not in a condition to say anything with utmost certainty and confidence. But we hope that soon with the tireless efforts of the scientists worldwide, we will come to know how to arrest this deadly coronavirus.

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