Windows 10 PCs can now Download and Watch Netflix shows Offline

Netflix has finally added the option to download videos using the Windows 10 PC app. This feature comes after months of rolling out the update for Android and iOS users. Now, you can watch your shows at high quality with no buffering or lags. If you are rocking an HTPC running Windows 10, you can now update the Netflix app from the store and get the download option.

Restrictions on Offline Viewing

Now, due to some DRM restrictions, some shows may not be available for offline viewing. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about those at the moment. They are not available on phone or PCs now.

How to Download

When you open up the Netflix app on your Windows 10 PC or tablet, first open up the hamburger menu. You can find the button on the top left. In the menu, go to he ‘My Downloads’ tab that appears right under the selected profile with the ‘Available for Download’ option placed above all genre selections.

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In Windows 10 too, offline viewing comes with two video qualities, Standard and High. The former is a low resolution and low bit-rate version whereas the latter has a high resolution and high bit-rate. There is nothing in between.

For example, on high settings, a one hour episode of a TV show will be around 700 MB whereas a film over two hours will be over 2.3 GB. TV shows are generally aired at 720p whereas the movies are streamed at 1080p.

On Windows 10 Mobile and Xbox

There is no word on when the mobile version of the Netflix app will be updated. Same situation prevails for the Xbox version. It seems that even though Netflix has their apps for different devices running Windows 10, it is not the same version of the app, or in other words, it is not the UWP or an Universal Windows Platform app. Therefore the developers will have to update all the versions separately.

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